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Re: [SACC-L] Chicago 2013 AAA - Public Schools Outreach Initiative

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  • Andrew Petto
    Laura: We have an outreach program that focuses on human anatomy, biomechanics, evolution, and forensics. We are mostly in Wisconsin now, but have one school
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 15, 2013

      We have an outreach program that focuses on human anatomy, biomechanics,
      evolution, and forensics. We are mostly in Wisconsin now, but have one
      school in Illinois in our "Anatomy Academy". Would love to connect with
      Chicago, and I have a colleague at Northwestern who is in Science
      Education there and one at the veterinary school nearby (and both former
      students and employees, both with MAs in anthro), and I could contact them.

      Let me know.


      On 2013-01-15 21:42, lauratgonzalez wrote:
      > Colleagues,
      > We have been invited (as SACC) to help develop an initiative for the
      > Chicago AAA meeting in 2013. It sounds very exciting to me, as it
      > entails working with Chicago Public Schools and introducing them to
      > anthropology.
      > I would like to form a working group to come up with some ideas for
      > how SACC might best be involved, and what we can offer. The full email
      > from Alaka and Dana-Ain, leaders of the initiative, is below. Please
      > contact me or Tim Sullivan (tsullivan@...
      > <mailto:tsullivan%40dcccd.edu>) if you would like to get involved
      > either in the planning or by participating as a presenter in the
      > schools during the Chicago meeting. Anthropologists from all fields
      > are welcome.
      > Laura
      > Past-President
      > *****************************
      > I (Alaka Wali) am writing to you as Co-Chair, together with Dana-Ain
      > Davis, of the AAA 2013 annual meeting which will be held in Chicago,
      > November 20-24.
      > We are very excited about a new initiative which we propose to
      > organize in conjunction with the meeting, and which we have titled:
      > "Anthropologists Back to School". We are proposing to provide the
      > opportunity for anthropologists attending the meetings to meet with
      > students from Chicago Public Schools, and getting them excited about
      > some dimension of anthropology.
      > The idea is that here in Chicago, we would arrange for multiple sites
      > (most would be museums, but some of the local anthro. departments also
      > want to be a site), where students would come on a "field trip", and
      > then engage with the anthropologists.
      > We are in the very beginning stages of planning and coordination, but
      > we really hope that your sections or organizations will be "front and
      > center" so to speak in working on this.
      > Dana-Ain and I would appreciate any ideas you would have on
      > --content/themes
      > -- organization/logistics
      > -- specific role for your section
      > We are also wondering if your sections (or members of the sections)
      > are working on K-12 anthropology curriculum which might tie into this
      > initiative or as a follow-up?
      > We look forward to hearing from you!
      > regards,
      > Alaka and Dana-Ain
      > --
      > Alaka Wali
      > Curator of North American Anthropology
      > Applied Cultural Research Director
      > Environment, Culture and Conservation
      > The Field Museum
      > visit our annual report: www.fieldmuseum.org/ecco2010
      > www.fieldmuseum.org


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