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FW: Call for papers: History and Anthropology [FWD]

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    ... From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@buffalo.edu] Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 12:52 PM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: Call for papers:
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      FW: Call for papers: History and Anthropology [FWD]

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      From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@...]
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      Subject: Call for papers: History and Anthropology [FWD]

      Forwarded. Details below.  Hugh

      Stacey Gubb wrote:
      >   (for a free sample copy please write to the address at the end of this
      > post)
      > EDITOR
      > Dr. Paul Sant Cassia
      > Department of Anthropology
      > University of Durham
      > 43,Old Elvet
      > Durham DH1 3HN
      > UK
      > paul.sant-cassia@...
      > Marc Augé, Clifford Geertz, , Johannes Fabian, James Clifford, Jean
      > Comaroff,Bernard Cohn, Stephen Bahn,Carlo Ginzburg, Michael Gilsenan,
      > Tzvetan Todorov, Natalie Zemon Davis, Geoffrey Lloyd
      > History and Anthropology will continue to address the intersection of
      > history and social sciences, but in its new format will focus more closely
      > on the interchange between anthropologically-informed history,
      > historically-informed anthropology and the history of ethnographic and
      > anthropological representation. It is now widely perceived that the formerly
      > dominant ahistorical perspectives within anthropology severely restricted
      > interpretation and analyses. Much recent work has therefore been concerned
      > with social change and colonial history and the traditional problems, like
      > symbolism, have been rethought in historical terms.
      > History and Anthropology aims to publish articles which develop these
      > concerns, and is particularly interested in linking new substantive analyses
      > with critical perspectives on anthropological discourse. the journal will
      > publish studies of: economic, religious and linguistic change: European and
      > non-European colonial systems; transformations of art and material culture;
      > gender in history and culture; encounters with and images of "others"; the
      > influence of anthropological representations upon indigenous consciousness
      > and culture; the various contributions of anthropology to colonial practice;
      > and the development of ethnological and anthropological  ideas and
      > investigative techniques.
      > *Don Alésu's Quest: The Mythohistorical Origins of the Rajadom of Sikka ,
      > E.D Lewis (11/1)
      > *The Past in the Present: India as Museum of Mankind by Bernard S. Cohn
      > (11/1)
      > *Samurai Darwinism: Hiroyuki Katô and the Reception of Darwin's Theory in
      > Modern japan from the 1880s to the 1990s, Hiroshi Unoura (11/2-3)
      > *An Untimely Divorce: Western Medicine and Anthropology in Melanesia, Donald
      > Denoon (11/2-3)
      > *Academic Recognition: Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict and Sexual Secrecy, Lee
      > Wallace (11/4)
      > Last Special Issue: The Politics of Knowledge: Science and Evolution in Asia
      > and the Pacific ed Morris Low and Christine Dureau
      > *The Image of Savagery in the Face of  War : Thinking Anthropologically
      > about Violence and Civilisation, 1871-1930  by Erik Brandt
      > *"Better Occasional Murders than Frequent Adulteries": Banditry, Violence
      > and Sacrifice in the Mediterranean by Paul Sant Cassia
      > *Captain Cook and the Roots of Precedence in Tonga: "Leading" and
      > "Following" as Naturalised Concepts by Arne Aleksej Perminow
      > *Reading South Pacific: Colonialism and Anthropology in an Australian
      > Journal George D. Westermark
      > *Women Anthropologists in the Arab World: Recognizing the Pioneers by Willy
      > Jansen
      > *"Of Monsters and Fossils: the Making of Malvina Hoffman's Hall of the Races
      > of Mankind" by Jeff Rosen
      > All information required can be found on the web site noted below and also
      > in the back of the journal itself.
      > For a free sample copy please send your request to
      > Stacey.Gubb@.... Please remember to include your postal address.
      > 4 issues per Volume
      > ISSN 0275-7206
      > Current Subscription: Volume 12 (2000)
      > Published by
      > harwood academic publishers
      > part of the Gordon and Breach Publishing Group
      > http://www.gbhap.com

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