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Fw: Urban Archeology in Forest Hill Park's Great Meadow

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  • Mark Lewine
    FW: Urban Archeology in Forest Hill Park s Great Meadow Below is a pasted text from a flier sent to me by Mallory Haas, former SACC student award winner, now
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2012
      FW: Urban Archeology in Forest Hill Park's Great Meadow
      Below is a pasted text from a flier sent to me by Mallory Haas, former SACC student award winner, now working on her Master's. I send this out because attachments are not allowed but the flier is great...if interested, contact Mallory or Beth Hoag at mmrh2003@....

      Come help us excavate John D. Rockefeller's summer home at Forest Hill Park !!!

      in East Cleveland !!


      -All activities are weather dependent, please email at mmrh2003@... or check Facebook Center for Community Studies

      -From 10am-2pm come help local archaeologist excavate John D. Rockefeller's summer home in East Cleveland.

      -Please bring a lunch, water will be provided

      - Please park cars at the Forest Hill Blvd entrance parking lot by pavilions and follow signs to the site.

      - Dogs are welcome on a leash

      - Bathroom facilities are a good hike, plan accordingly

      -If you have any questions please contact

      Mallory Haas at (216)233-8512 or

      Beth Hoag at (216) 201-9627

      October 6th and 7th

      At Forest Hill Park

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      Subject: FW: Urban Archeology in Forest Hill Park's Great Meadow

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      Subject: Urban Archeology in Forest Hill Park's Great Meadow

      Please forward this on to any interested party, Thank you.

      Urban Archeology in Forest Hill Park's Great Meadow

      > 10AM to 2PM Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th, weather
      > permitting.
      > Join urban archeologists from Tri-C and learn about what they have been
      > doing at the site of the Rockefeller summer home in Forest Hill Park. This
      > High Victorian style wood frame mansion burned to the ground in 1917.
      > Very little was left other than foundations.
      > This coming Saturday and Sunday, October 6th and 7th, the team of
      > archeologists who have been digging at the summer home site for the past
      > two years will be in the park wrapping up their work for the year. Join
      > them and find out what they have done and what they hope to do and find in
      > the future.
      > ECPA volunteers will also be in the Great Meadow. Learn about Forest Hill
      > Park's history, biological diversity and importance, and the needs of
      > unique ecosystems within the park, like the Oak Savannah of the Great
      > Meadow. Try your hand at lopping scrub growth (which must be done to keep
      > the meadow from rapidly becoming a forest). ECPA volunteers will give
      > walking tours of the Great Meadow and answer your questions.
      > For more information about the urban archeology project contact

      Beth Hoag (216) 201- 9627 and Mallory Haas (216)233-8512

      Mallory R. Haas
      Project Manager
      Center for Community Studies
      Email: mmrh2003@...
      Mobile: (216)233-8512
      Lab: (216) 987-3581
      Skype: rachel.haas2

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