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FW: "American Mourning," Keele University, UK, Ma

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      FW: "American Mourning," Keele University, UK, Ma

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      Subject: CFP: "American Mourning," Keele University, UK, Ma

      American Mourning

      First call for papers

      Date: Friday 11th May (starting late afternoon) - Saturday 12th May
      (finishing early evening), 2001.

      An interdisciplinary conference at Keele University, hosted by the School
      of American Studies.

      Cultural memory has attracted increasing and varied academic attention
      across disciplines in recent years. The cultural attempts to remember
      events that seem to defy representation or comprehension have been a matter
      of particular scrutiny. In this light, memory studies has raised the
      following questions. In what ways is mourning (or melancholia) a response
      to memories that cannot be captured or explained or `worked through'? In
      what ways is mourning a part of remembering? How does the representation of
      memory function as mourning? In what ways is the representation of memory
      the residue of what cannot be mourned or what cannot even be remembered?
      While hoping to maintain the diversity of memories studied and the varied
      approach to them, this conference will seek to provide a focus for
      interdisciplinary memory studies in terms of mourning on a North American
      cultural scene, the significance of what is mourned there and how it is
      mourned.  From the inception of mourning as part of the cultural fabric of
      the nation in the face of its foundational, genocidal events, to the
      current obsession with memory in a supposedly amnesiac culture, we believe
      this American focus will suggest a rich resource for conference papers.

      Suggested topics:

       Monuments, museums, memorials
      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
      The Vietnam War
      Holocaust memory
      Incest narratives and/or recovered memories of child abuse
      Post-colonial memory
      Memories of slavery and/or genocide of Native Americans
      Amnesia and forgetting
      Mental illness
      Place and space
      Haunting and ghosts

      Deadline for abstracts (of no more than 300 words): 31st January, 2001.
      (Conference papers should be no more than 20 minutes.)
      Please send abstracts and requests for further information to:
      Richard Crownshaw and Monica Pearl, School of American Studies,
      Keele University, Keele, Staffs ST5 5BG, UK.
      Tel. (Monica) 01782 583018; Tel. (Richard) 01782 583019
      Email (Monica) m.pearl@...
      Email (Richard) r.s.crownshaw@...

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