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Re: [SACC-L] RE: TIME Magazine Flack

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    There is also Mother and others by Sarah Hrdy ... From: Gilliland, Mary To: SACC-L Sent: Tue, May 15, 2012
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      There is also" Mother and others " by Sarah Hrdy

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      Dettwyler's book, Dancing Skeletons, while not new anymore, is a nice ethnography to address some of these topics. She does so tangentially, not as the meat and potatoes, and I have found that it also provoked very good discussion.

      Mary Kay Gilliland
      Pima Community College

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      So, TIME Magazine has figured out my game, apparently.

      I've been using "breastfeeding" and particularly "breastfeeding beyond the age of one" as my discussion topic to introduce course concepts such as ethnocentrism, cultural relativity, and the cultural framing of biological acts for several years now in my classes. I've discovered that even though many students have most likely never even so much as seen a woman breastfeed a baby that they ALL have ideas about whether it's "gross" or "natural" or "sexual" and where it should be done... and how long it should be done for.

      Dr. Dettwyler has had a recent article running in the the mainstream media, and has been studying the issue for many years now.



      Try the topic out sometime - I guarantee you will have a lively class discussion! It has yet to fail me.

      ~ Elise :)


      Elise A. Fulara, M.A.
      Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology
      College of DuPage
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