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PhDs on food stamps from the Chronicle

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    An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education was forwarded to you by: ShephDJ@gmail.com Message from the sender: Not at all surprising but shocking
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      An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education was forwarded to you by:

      Message from the sender:
      Not at all surprising but shocking nonetheless. If interested, read Michael
      Bryson's comments from two days ago.

      The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps
      From Graduate School to Welfare 1

      Laura Segall For The Chronicle

      Melissa Bruninga-Matteau, a medieval-history Ph.D. and adjunct professor
      who gets food stamps: "I've been able to make enough to live on. Until

      By Stacey Patton

      "I am not a welfare queen," says Melissa Bruninga-Matteau.

      That's how she feels compelled to start a conversation about how she, a
      white woman with a Ph.D. in medieval history and an adjunct professor, came
      to rely on food stamps and Medicaid. Ms. Bruninga-Matteau, a 43-year-old
      single mother who teaches two humanities courses at Yavapai College, in
      Prescott, Ariz., says the stereotype of the people receiving such aid does
      not reflect reality. Recipients include growing numbers of people like her,
      the highly educated, whose advanced degrees have not insulated them from
      financial hardship.

      "I find it horrifying that someone who stands in front of college classes
      and teaches is on welfare," she says.

      The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps
      Many people with master's degrees and Ph.D.'s are surviving on
      government assistance, and their numbers are rising fast.
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