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Re: [SACC-L] SACC Fest San Diego - What to Bring

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  • Lloyd Miller
    Thanks, Laura. Good reminders. See you soon! Lloyd ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 10, 2012
      Thanks, Laura. Good reminders. See you soon!

      On Apr 10, 2012, at 10:22 AM, lauratgonzalez wrote:

      > Preparing for the SACC Conference?
      > I wanted to give those of you attending the conference in a few weeks some ideas about what to pack. Here is some information that I hope you'll find useful.
      > == Weather ==
      > San Diego weather in April is normally warm and pleasant, but rain and winds are still possible. San Diego averages 5 days of measurable rain in April, and the rain can be accompanied by winds.
      > That said, rain, wind, and cool temperatures are the exception. The daily high temperature in San Diego in April averages 69 degrees F and the low averages 56. April is a little cloudy at times, but clouds are usually gone later in the day.
      > April San Diego weather isn't as perfect as the summer weather, but it is close, and I hope, nicer than the weather where you might be otherwise.
      > == Flint Knapping Workshop participants ==
      > The following items are mandatory, and will not be provided for you.
      > Heavy duty gloves � canvas are best with a leather palm; no knit gloves allowed (or, the workshop leader says, your hands will be "hamburger")
      > Protective eye wear � will need goggles, even if you have glasses.
      > Closed toed shoes
      > Long pants
      > == For field trips ==
      > We will be outside in Old Town (9-11:45 am) and the Safari Park (4-7 pm). Since there is a good chance it will be sunny and warm, and an equally good chance it will be cool and breezy, I would recommend a sun hat and several layers to wear on top, especially a windbreaker or jacket for the Safari Park in the late afternoon and evening banquet. Sunscreen and comfortable shoes are important. The banquet will be held outdoors in a covered, but open, location. If it is very cool in the evening, the park will provide heat lamps for the banquet.
      > == Miscellaneous ==
      > We will have water for you to take to the flint knapping workshop and Saturday field trips, but please feel free to bring your reusable water bottle if you like.
      > Bags will not be provided this year, but if you like to carry your conference materials please bring the lovely SACC canvas bag from last year's meeting in Omaha, or another one from home.
      > Remember the hotel has a lovely indoor pool, so you might want to bring a swimsuit.
      > Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any special needs for walking, diet, or other at lagonzal@....
      > Have a safe trip and hope to see you soon!
      > Laura

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