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RE: [SACC-L] Archaeologists Protest 'Glamorization' of Looting on TV - ScienceInsider

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  • Bob Muckle
    Reference to Diggers and American Diggers have been all over the Facebook pages of organizations relevant to archaeology and I ve never seen anything quite
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      Reference to "Diggers" and "American Diggers" have been all over the Facebook pages of organizations relevant to archaeology and I've never seen anything quite like it in the Twitterverse - one of the most effective uses of social media for advocacy I have ever seen. Most of the big associations with an interest in archaeology, including the SAA, AAA, AIA, and others have formally protested. One of these programs is showing on Spike TV, and the other on the National Geographic Channel.

      The biggest issue, from my perspective, is .....is National Geographic totally about entertainment now? I mean, I have been thinking of National Geographic as mostly enterntainment but with some good or at least real social and academic good, for a long time. But to me.....having National Geographic promote such programs focussed on treasure hunting and looting.....well, I think National Geographic has jumped the shark on this one.


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      Don't know if anyone has seen or heard about this show yet.


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