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FW: NAGPRA class in Honolulu, HI

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      FW: NAGPRA class in Honolulu, HI

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      Subject: NAGPRA class in Honolulu, HI

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           Subject: NAGPRA class in Honolulu, HI
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      Please excuse cross postings.

      The University of Nevada, Reno's Heritage Resources Management Program
      will be offering a "NAGPRA's Evolving Legacy" course on December 7-9,
      2000 at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Attached to this
      document is a copy of the course outline and a registration form. Should
      you have any questions please contact Crystal Metzenheim at the
      University of Nevada, Reno, College of Extended Studies/048, Heritage
      Resources Management Program, Reno, NV  89557, Ph. (775) 784-4046 or
      toll free 1-800-233-8928  Fax (775) 784-1605 or by e-mail:

      Visit our web site!!!   http://www.dce.unr.edu/hrm


      NAGPRA's Evolving Legacy

      Course Dates:
      December 7-9, 2000 Honolulu, Hawaii at the Bishop Museum

      Course Description:
      The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act  (NAGPRA) was
      enacted in 1990 to address the rights of lineal descendants,  Indian
      tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations to certain Native American
      cultural items. Since that time, museums and federal agencies have
      provided  Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations with summaries
      of their Native American collections and inventories of human remains
      and associated funerary objects in their control. Federal agencies have
      also provided information to Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian
      organizations regarding inadvertent discoveries and planned excavations
      on federal and tribal land.

      This course is designed to help those affected by the law to comply with
      its ongoing obligations in a timely and meaningful manner. The
      legislative history and regulations are reviewed as a basis for
      effective decision making. Special attention is given to the
      consultation  requirements imposed by the statute and to review
      committee recommendations and case law that elaborate on the regulatory
      definitions and procedures. Grants available through the National Park
      Service are also discussed. The course consists of lectures, video case
      studies and class exercises.


      The Honorable Sherry Hutt is a judge with the Maricopa County Superior
      Court in Phoenix, Arizona.  As an assistant U.S.  Attorney, she handled
      cases dealing with the Archaeological Resources  Protection Act (ARPA).
      She co-authored Archeological Resource
      Protection (1992). Hutt received the Conservation Service Award form the
      Department of Interior in 1994.

      C. Timothy McKeown, Ph.D., is with the Archeology & Ethnography Program
      of the National Park Service where he is team leader for implementation
      of NAGPRA. Dr. McKeown has worked as a cultural resource manager for the
      Navajo Nation and Jicarilla Apache Tribe.  He has also conducted
      research with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
      Laxenburg, Austria, and taught as a Fulbright professor at Janus
      Pannonius University in Pecs, Hungary.

      We look forward to seeing you in the class.

      Crystal Metzenheim
      Program Development Specialist
      University of Nevada, Reno


      NAGPRA's Evolving Legacy
      Course Outline

      Day One

      I. Introduction: Indian Law, property law, and civil rights
      II. Legal background
      III. Legislative history

      I. Introduction: the statute and regulations
      II. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act [25
      U.S.C. 3001]
      III. Implementing regulations [43 CFR 10]

      7:00-9:00pm NAGPRA videofest (optional]

      Day Two

      I. Most commonly asked repatriation questions
      II. Introduction: Exercise I
      III. Team preparation
      IV. Team presentations
      V. Discussion

      I. Most commonly asked disposition questions
      II. Introduction: Exercise II
      III. Team preparation
      IV. Team presentations
      V. Discussion

      Day Three

       I. Introduction: Implementation and current events
      II. Activities on Federal and tribal lands
      III. Museum and Federal agency collections
      IV. Trafficking

      I. Not-so-commonly asked questions
      II. Introduction: Exercise III
      III. Team preparation
      IV. Team presentations
      V. Discussion
      VI. Collection of course evaluations
      VII. Distribution of course certificates

      University of Nevada, Reno · College of Extended Studies/048
      Heritage Resources Management Program · Reno NV 89557

      Phone (775) 784-4046 or toll free 1-800-233-8928 ·  Fax (775) 784-1605

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