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Gender Equity in Anthropology

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  • lauratgonzalez
    If you are interested in Gender Equity issues, and plan to attend the AAA in San Francisco, you may be a good candidate to represent SACC at this Roundtable.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2012
      If you are interested in Gender Equity issues, and plan to attend the AAA in San Francisco, you may be a good candidate to represent SACC at this Roundtable. Please let me know if you are interested.



      The Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology (CoGEA), formerly the Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology (CoSWA), is charged with monitoring the status of gender equity in the discipline, as well as within the American Anthropological Association. In light of our new name and charge, we are interested in consulting and collaborating with interested colleagues to discern how our revised charge should be put into practice.
      To this end, we will convene an Invited Roundtable for the 2012 AAA meetings in San Francisco. We envision the roundtable as a collaborative discussion about what gender equity means, who it includes, and how it might best be monitored. Building on this ground we would then further discuss how to go about advocating for those initiatives and how to best educate our membership about these issues.
      CoGEA feels that the most effective roundtable would include the engaged involvement of your section/committee. We invite you to put forward a representative to join the Invited Roundtable panel. This member would be expected to attend the AAA CoGEA Invited Roundtable in San Francisco and present a brief statement (3-4 minutes) speaking to gender equity issues in anthropology. Among many possible issues, we have identified that the discussion may include: understanding institutional inequities towards women and/or women with families; the treatment of transgendered colleagues in graduate school and beyond; the ways that organizations and institutions construct and enforce unequal treatment through extant gender categories; and data collection strategies for promoting the discussion and advocacy of gender equity in anthropology.
      We recognize that understanding the complexities of gender equity and designing effective advocacy strategies in our discipline will be a long term process that requires collaboration. We hope that your section/committee will join us as we seek to address gender equity through informed consultation, a broad representation of perspectives, and cross-governance collaboration. In addition, we hope that you will be interested in joining us for this Invited Roundtable at the upcoming meetings, and that you will encourage your membership to participate in the discussion with us.
      In order to meet the submission deadline of March 15, we ask that you consider this request and identify an individual to join the Invited Roundtable by March 1.
      Please let us know what questions we may answer for you, and we look forward to your participation.
      M. Gabriela Torres, CoGEA 2012 Invited Roundtable Organizer
      Jennifer R. Wies, CoGEA Chair

      M. Gabriela Torres, PhD
      Assistant Professor of Anthropology
      Coordinator, Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program
      Department of Anthropology
      Wheaton College
      26 East Main Street
      Norton, MA 02766 (USA)
      Ph: 508-286-3676
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