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FW: [GAD_listserv] Possible AAA sessions

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      For posting to the GAD list if deemed appropriate--thanks.

      I have two ideas for AAA sessions, and I'd be happy to go ahead and organize one of them if I receive sufficient feedback. The first concerns those occasions when we hear pronouncements from the scientific community that run afoul of *anthropological* science/humanism--I'm thinking primarily here of the continued reification of "race," but there are undoubtedly other instances of which I hope you'll apprise me. My best attempt at a "border/crossing" title is "Bordering on fact: when anthropologists have to take science to task," but I'm open to other suggestions.

      The second idea is less nebulous, and would seem to be more in line with what the conference organizers intended. Title of the session: "Anthropology without borders: teaching, writing, and researching across the four fields." I'd want papers from those of you who consider yourselves to be "four-field" scholars, and how you handle the difficulties of managing that vast collection of information and theory that falls under the rubric of anthropology. I'm betting there will be a lot of sessions along these lines, but surely the GAD should sponsor at least one (perhaps one has already been proposed?).

      If you're interested in helping to shape and/or participating in either of these sessions, please contact me off-list, at boulange@... - thanks!

      Clare L. Boulanger
      Professor of Anthropology
      Colorado Mesa University

      Please note that Mesa State College is now Colorado Mesa University, and all email addresses have changed from @... to @...

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