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Re: [SACC-L] Invitation to collaborate on next AAA Public Education Project

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  • Lloyd Miller
    That sure sounds like a fine idea, Laura. Taking anthropological knowledge and expertise beyond the academy walls and into the public square is long overdue,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2012
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      That sure sounds like a fine idea, Laura. Taking anthropological knowledge and expertise beyond the academy walls and into the "public square" is long overdue, and the CoPP's framework, "broadly defined," seems workable. I hope some projects are successful.


      On Jan 16, 2012, at 11:33 AM, lauratgonzalez wrote:

      > Several AAA Sections submitted joint proposals for public outreach projects, modeled on the Race Project, to President LeithMullings this past year. The AAA will turn one of those proposals into the next official AAA public education and outreach project. But all of the Sections' proposed projects offer the AAA opportunities to engage the public not only through educational outreach but also through contributions to public policy development and debate.
      > To that end, the Committee on Public Policy (CoPP) invites Sections to collaborate on a series of public-facing policy forums, Innovents, and offsite events, to be convened at the 2012 AAA Annual Meetings. Events proposed might leverage the energy already put into themes that have garnered much Section Assembly collaboration and support, such as (1) Health, Well-Being & Happiness, (2) Families, (3) Im/migration, and (4) Environmental Sustainability, but other topics certainly will be considered.
      > Proposals should engage expertise in and beyond the AAA and move anthropological inquiry and knowledge beyond the Annual Meetings, into the public policy arena, broadly defined. This could mean events that feature public figures involved in debates around the selected themes as well as coordinated presence of AAA members at public events advocating for a piece of legislation or action that impacts one of the themes.
      > By involving CoPP, Section members have access to sponsorship or co-sponsorship for:
      > * Publicized "Innovents" (non-standard events in which diverse partners come together to explore and debate issues of mutual concern, on or off-site)
      > * 2 Policy Forums, totaling 3.5 hours (sessions with policymakers on the panel)
      > * 2 regular CoPP sessions, totaling 3.5 hours
      > All CoPP sponsored (or co-sponsored) events will be spotlighted in the Annual Meeting Program and on the AAA Website.
      > To submit a proposal or for more information, go to www.aaanet.org and follow the links to the call for papers. In the submission area, select "public policy forum" under the session option, and refer your proposal to the AAA CoPP for review, rather than an individual section. The DEADLINE is 5:00 pm EST, March 15. If you would like to co-sponsor a regular session with CoPP, please send your proposal to the addressees below by March 15 as well.
      > If you have questions, please contact CoPP co-chairs Elisa Sobo (esobo@...) and Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts (SHeurtin-Roberts@...) or CoPP Section Liaison, Mary L. Gray (mLg@...).

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