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FW: Symposium announcement

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      FW: Symposium announcement

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      Subject: Symposium announcement

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      Subject: Symposium announcement
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      Hello CAAN members - Please circulate

      Symposium Announcement
      The Ashkui Symposium: Knowledge, Culture and the Innu Landscape
      January 25, 2001
      Saint Mary's University

      This symposium brings together Innu elders and leaders, academic and
      government researchers who have been involved in the  "Labrador
      project". The project is a multidisciplinary, collaborative study of the
      landscape of Nitassinan (Labrador) as known  to the Innu. The objective
      is to use a variety of methods from Innu knowledge, science and social
      science to gain a broad  understanding of the ecology of Labrador and
      its significance to the people who live there.

      Sponsored by the Gorsebrook Research Institute, Innu Nation &
      Environment Canada in conjunction with the meetings of the Canadian
      Polar Commission and in association with the Arctic Research Committee,
      Saint Mary's University & the Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research
      Centre, Truro, NS.

      For more on the symposium see:

      And on the project:

      For more details contact
      Chris Fletcher (christopher.fletcher@...)
      Gorsebrook Research Institute for Atlantic Canada Studies
      Saint Mary's University
      Halifax, Nova Scotia
      B3H 3C3
      phone: 902-420-5523 | fax: 902-496-8135

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