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FW: 'Transforming Tradition' - Symposium Durham 4th -6th Janua ry 2001

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      FW: 'Transforming Tradition' - Symposium Durham 4th -6th January 2001

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      Subject: 'Transforming Tradition' - Symposium Durham 4th -6th January

      Creative adaptations to the 21st Century

      Symposium     4th - 6th   January 2001   Collingwood College  Durham


      In looking forward to the new century it seems significant that a sense of
      changing times is being conceptualised by looking backwards  by making a
      contrast with what has been. It is well known that the shock of the new in
      the modern was cushioned through extensive inventions of tradition. It may
      be that once again traditions as institutionalised forms are being adapted
      and transformed rather than abandoned.

      We are holding a symposium that begins from thinking about people, places,
      customs and ceremonials potentially neglected or even marginalised by the
      onward rush of successive modernization. A number of distinguished speakers
      have already agreed to offer presentations on the theme that identities
      which can be or have been seen traditional are not necessarily resistant to
      the challenges of change.

      We now invite offers to join us either through offering further
      presentations or in the more general discussions. We plan to gather
      together participants from diverse academic and practice backgrounds but
      all committed to the study of cultural change in order to explore themes in
      the contemporary elaboration of traditional forms. We plan to facilitate
      participation and debate from social theorists as well as those engaged in
      transforming traditional sites through forms of creative activity.

      We plan to hold a number of panel sessions and workshops covering the
      themes of inventing, telling, crossing and performing traditions.
      Contributions are therefore now invited from those who feel excited by the
      opportunity to discuss practical uses of tradition as resource in the
      constitution of novelty.

      Steven Lukes  Alexandra Howson Paul Atkinson  Anne Witz
      Kevin Hetherington Richard Sennett  - and others
      will be   discussing inventing  telling  performing and crossing traditions
      Why not join them?

      Register by 1st  November   -  forms  on the website

      If you would like to present a paper or lead a workshop please send the
      title and a short abstract indicating your interest  by 10th  November.

      Contact Details

      David Chaney    0191 374 2309           email: d.c.chaney@...

      Sue Scott               0191 374 2324   email: s.j.scott@...

      Admin Contact

      Diane Jones     0191 272 1929       email:  dianjo@...
      c/o  Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Durham, New
      Elvet, Durham DH1 3JT

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