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FW: 10/16/2000 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      FW: 10/16/2000 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      Subject: 10/16/2000 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

      The Chronicle of Higher Education's
      Weekly Report on COMMUNITY COLLEGES

      Here is news of interest to community colleges from our October
      20 issue. The Web addresses refer to the online versions of the


      *  BIG BUCKS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION: North Carolina colleges are
         working together as never before to secure passage of the
         most-expensive statewide bond package ever in academe.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a02901.htm

      *  LETTING VOTERS DECIDE: An array of measures on the fall ballot
         -- on taxes, college governance, and accountability -- could
         affect higher education.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a03101.htm

         *  Referendums on the Ballot: A list of 28 measures that
            people in 16 states will vote on in November.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a03102.htm

      *  ONLINE SPEECH: Two instructors at the City College of San
         Francisco will drop a lawsuit against a Web site that posted
         vulgar criticisms of them.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a04402.htm

      *  BIAS LAW: The U.S. Supreme Court heard conflicting arguments
         about whether public colleges discriminate against people with
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a03401.htm

      *  CAMPUS CRIME: Congress approved a bill that would require
         colleges to tell students how they can learn the identities of
         sex offenders at their institutions.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a03501.htm


      *  AIDES TO GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH say Vice President Al Gore is
         misrepresenting his tuition-tax-break plan. Gore officials say
         the Bush camp doesn't understand it.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a02902.htm

      *  A PROFESSOR from Houston Community College is teaching a course
         on the U.S. government at a university in Vietnam.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a05502.htm

      *  UNDERGRADUATES at Fairleigh Dickinson University must complete
         at least one distance-learning course annually.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i08/08a04801.htm


      Our Career Network has 118 positions available at two-year
      colleges, from the pages of The Chronicle.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/jobs/cc

      You can find all of The Chronicle's community-college news on our
      special Web page just for community colleges at:

      And for all the news of higher education, be sure to visit our
      home page at:


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