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Re: [SACC-L] Governor of Fla: "We don't need anthropology/anthropologists"!!

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  • Andrew Petto
    This is good, Lloyd, but I have been searching (admittedly without much luck) for specifics of Scott s actual programs and plans. So far all I can see is
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      This is good, Lloyd, but I have been searching (admittedly without
      much luck) for specifics of Scott's actual programs and plans. So far
      all I can see is what he is against and what he has eliminated.

      I suspect, however, that for things like the toll roads plan in the
      piece posted here by Jason, we could point to every one of his projects
      (if we could find them), and say, "Yup, anthropologists have something
      to do with that!"

      For example, for all the engineers and mathematicians that he hopes to
      create, the "human factors" that we must project in order to build
      something that people will use to its fullest extent is an area of
      expertise that anthropologists have. It is whom engineering and
      industrial design firms hire to do this work and it is who trains the
      staff in these engineering and design firms to understand and
      incorporate these "human factors" in their models.

      Something like that.

      I think I can make this work with the toll road example, but it would be
      good if there were, say, a top-10 list of things that Rick Scott wants
      to do that relies on expertise that anthropologists have.


      On 10/11/2011 17:53, Lloyd Miller wrote:
      > Thanks for this, Brian; I hadn't heard. I read the Miami Herald's report and Virginia's response, then submitted the following comment to the Herald:
      > Miami Herald Florida Wires
      > Dear Editor,
      > Regarding your AP article, "State doesn't need more anthropologists," (Oct 11, 2011): In questioning anthropology's worth in the job market, Governor Scott overlooks its considerable value as an integral component of a college liberal arts education.
      > The study of anthropology can broaden citizens' understanding of the human species: who we are, where we came from and how we got here. It also increases our abilities to understand complex social and political issues globally, and to participate more wisely in democratic processes.
      > Anthropology includes the first 99 percent of human history, from the beginnings of the Primate Order some 65 million years ago through the origins, evolution, and rise of our species. It studies in detail the nature of world cultures, past and present, from tribal societies to civilizations. Its studies of family and kinship include all kinds, not just those of mainstream US. These are but a few of the unique contributions anthropology makes to the intellectual arsenal of educated American citizens.
      > For a more detailed discussion of this topic, see my commentary "Of What Value is Anthropology?" in the fall 2011 issue of Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes, available to the public at saccweb.net (website of the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges).
      > Sincerely,
      > Lloyd Miller, Editor, Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes
      > 650 48th St.
      > Des Moines, IA 50312
      > ( 515) 255-0975
      > On Oct 11, 2011, at 3:26 PM, Lynch, Brian M wrote:
      >> Hope everyone has read about the Gov. of Florida, and his comments about
      >> how the State doesn't need anthropologists. How ill informed! The AAA
      >> has quickly replied.
      >> Brian
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