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FW: anthropology and the bible

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    This message arrived in my e-mail today. It sounds to me like the writer is an Arab Nationalist and religious conservative. I am not well enough versed in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2000
      This message arrived in my e-mail today.
      It sounds to me like the writer is an Arab Nationalist and religious conservative.  I am not well enough versed in Middle Eastern Archaeology to give a scholarly (as opposed to political/religious) answer so I am handing the question off to any interested takers.
      The points about genetic admixture are valid.  Or at least half-way so.  The Middle East is called that because it is the crossroads between all sorts of places in the Old World.  Given the number of migrations, invasions, and passers-through, it is safe to say that ALL Middle Easterners represent a variety of genetic groups.
      Please reply to the original sender (lying_slayer@dragonbbs   or  arabisrael@... )  and to the list.

      Ann Popplestone

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      Subject: anthropology and the bible

      Mixing science and the bible
      For my study I will begin with the assumption that the bible is true,
      so I will spell out the basics, you can humor me and assume I have
      already researched the bible and can prove my assertions in
      the bible.
      1  Everyone started from Iraq after the flood there were 8 people left alive
      on earth. From these 6 (Noah's sons and their wives) the whole world was
      After the flood these people landed in Turkey and the next time we hear
      of their descendants is back in Iraq.
      These people decide to take a short cut to heaven and begin to build
      a tower to heaven.
      God does not like the idea and scatters people all over the earth.
      Some remain in the middle east.
      2  The Europeans are scattered N.W. the Orientals N.E, the Eskimos
      the native Americans, people of the islands of the earth... ok
      At the tower of Babel, people are scattered all over the earth.
      3 If we drive a stake in the middle of Israel and draw a radius to the
      borders of Iraq or Egypt, we can use that line to find the area that almost
      all of the Old Testament takes place.
      4  In the first 1000 year period of the bible only gentiles existed.
      A gentile is one who is not a Jew or Israelite (bible terms)
      Every Israelite in the bible is out of the wombs/loins of the people of Iraq,
      Canaanites, Midianites, Syrians, Egyptians... so what ever the Israelites
      are they are of the same physical stock as the rest of the middle east people
      around them.
      5  We know that as time changed, Europeans started spreading themselves
      every where, so our study will take place in the middle east from the time of
      Bable until the period before the Europeans began to move in on their turf.
      6  By looking in Europe through anthropology in this time period we can find
      fair skin, red face, blond hair, blue eye Europeans.
      7  If we look in the middle east during this period there were a few red heads
      but there were no blonds and there were no blue eye natives of the middle east.
      8  If we look at the Americas and the islands around the world, we see that blond
      hair and blue eyes didn't come about until the Europeans began to move in.
      9  Freaks and mutations have always been around I guess, so it would be possible
      for there to be some albinos or a very rare finding of a blond or blue eye person
      in the middle east, so we should sample all the anthropology findings and paintings
      from the middle east during this period of time.
      If we could find 1% of the paintings with blond hair then there should be a similar % of
      mummies/bodies (that still has hair) with blond hair.
      In all the years I have been looking I have not seen any paintings of any person with blue
      eyes or blond hair in the middle east in the period before the Europeans came.
      Assuming the bible to be the truth then the Europeans moved N.W. The blond/blue eye
      thing seems to be a trait from Sweden/Norway ???
      10  According to the bible every Israelite came out of the wombs/loins of the natives of
      the middle east and so no Israelite would have had blond hair or blue eyes?
      So my conclusion is that any fair skin, blond hair, blue eye persons either
      a) would have to be a mix of Europeans if they were ever from the Israelites or
      b) Those which physical features could not be descendants of the Israelites.
      Give any anthropology findings or arguments that you have to the contrary?
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