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  • lauratgonzalez
    The class structure in AAA exists as it exists everywhere...it is much better now because of SACC presence and support from AAA Presidents since the mid
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2011
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      The class structure in AAA exists as it exists everywhere...it is much better
      now because of SACC presence and support from AAA Presidents since the mid
      '90's...until then, SACC and community colleges were stepchildren of AAA
      membership populations...I let my membership lapse in the 1980's for that
      reason. Now, it is necessary in my view, for SACC leaders to help lead us over
      the current "slump" that of course has greatest effect on the small and the
      underserved populations. Virginia Dominguez needs to be kept as a supporter of
      SACC and our constituents because she genuinely is just that. To open SACC up
      to a larger constituency will truly result in inevitable "turf battles" with CAE
      (I have fought with some of their leadership for the last 4 years while getting
      support from others who join CAE and other sections. CAE is mainly K-12, but
      its constituency "should' be the greater population...In reality, COTA of GAD
      serves university level, CAE K-12, we serve cc's...that should probably continue
      but we should have a working grp of reps from each section...PLEASE ACCEPT THAT
      POSITION NEXT TIME IT IS OFFERED, SACCERS...i had to tell them no one would
      accept last time.
      1.. Jim Peacock ('93-'94) who included SACC leaders (Forrest Smith and Mark
      Lewine) with Harvard, U of N.Carolina and others in his all day "Whither
      Anthropology in the Next Ten Years" at AAA during his '93-'95 tenure. He then
      included my written presentation in the book, "Transforming Academia: Challenges
      and Opportunities for an Engaged Anthropology", Linda Basch editor. Both
      actions were concrete, respectful and real by a real elite leader.
      2.. Mayfield Press Editor and Conrad Kottak came to SACC in Toronto, along
      with new AAA Director, Bill Davis, in '96 I believe. Kottak honored SACC for
      co-writing and editing the Teaching Strategies book...Davis encouraged each
      President and some of his staff to attend SACC annual meetings as he was very
      impressed by his experience. Many did in fact attend SACC and/or AAA SACC mtgs
      to show support...especially Kathleen Terry-Sharpe.
      3.. Paul Durrenberger, leader of Cultural Anth section leadership, supported
      SACC and cc's as 5 Fields Speaker twice, as co-authoring several resolutions in
      the General Assembly to empower cc students from underserved populations in the
      AAA Scholarship program and in a failed attempt to give us a permanent seat on
      the Executive Committee.
      4.. David Givens, AAA Academic Affairs Director, gave us a column in the AN
      for a month to explain our perspective and a speakers spot at the AAA meeting to
      have SACC leader explain to grad students the role of teaching at the community
      5.. AAA Pres. Yolande Moses ('95-97) honored her start in anthro at LA
      community college in her acceptance, then supported us consistently in any way
      she could. She co-presented the RACE panel with me in Cleveland, at her request,
      for example. She helped support the honoring of a community college professor,
      Barbara Joans, author of Bike Lust ethnography, as first recipient of the
      AAA/Mayfield Teacher of the Year along with Dave McCurdy.
      6.. Louise Lamphere AAA president, '99-'01, honored SACC and cc's in her
      acceptance speech, then published our public outreach archaeology programs as an
      example of 'cutting edge' archaeology in the elite journal , "Human Behavior".
      7.. Laura Nader, perhaps the most prestigious anthro professor of all, member
      of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, supported SACC on the Panel at her AAA NASA
      Panel on Future Trends in Anthropology for Graduate Students along with Phillipe
      Bourgois, winner of the M. Mead Award, and myself representing SACC. She then
      agreed to be speaker at SACC annual meeting last year.
      8.. Don Brenneis, AAA Pres., '01-'03) attended SACC mtg in Oaxaca, praised the
      meetings as model for SACC sections, then later, ('06) as member of Carnegie
      Foundation Panel, supported SACC leader, Mark Lewine, as Carnegie Two Year
      College Prof. of the Year.
      9.. Alan Goodman, '05-'07 and Sec'y in recent years, supported Ann Kaupp from
      SACC as member of Anth Education Commission, then myself as member then chair of
      the Anth Education Committee, directly serving the Executive Committee charge to
      raise the priority and empowerment of K-14 anthropology...
      10.. Virginia Dominguez, current AAA President, then attended our last SACC
      meeting, stating her support for SACC, insisted on appointing myself to the new
      Task Force on Anth Education, reporting to the Exec. Committee and President.

      1.. Then Paul Durrenberger (a major supporter of community colleges and SACC,
      (5 Fields speaker twice) worked with myself and other SACC leaders in the mid to
      late '90's to empower community colleges outreach to underserved students in the
      Minority Scholarship program and in the General Assembly Long Term Planning
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