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      Subject: Egypt Pictorial

      Greetings all:

      The Archaeological Institute of America at San Diego announces that our tour of Egypt scheduled for November 29 - December 9 is filled and overflowing.  The response has been so gratifying that we will repeat the same tour February 17 - March 3.

      This is the archaeological study tour where participants will quickly learn to read the names of the pharaohs, their queens, and their gods.  The will read and understand many hieroglyphic sign groups that they will see on the temples, tombs and monuments.  All under the direction of the authors of Hieroglyphs for Travelers.  You will read - you will understand, while others only stand in awe and wonder what those little pictures mean.  This is the tour where you will visit those rarely visited sites that others walk over, not even knowing  what is under foot.  This is the tour where the more adventurous may ride by camel or horseback to sites missed by others - or - ride an air-conditioned bus with me.  This is the tour of a lifetime, which is why many of those who registered for the November tour are repeats, returning to Egypt from our previous tours. It's educational and great fun.

      See out pictorial Web site at:   http://www.theglyph.com/itin2001.html   for the new itinerary.  Note:  we have added an extra day to this tour because of flight schedules, however the price remains the same. See it at:  http://www.theglyph.com/itin2001.html  Or reply to this E-mail with your name and address for the printed itinerary by s-mail.

      Ron Fellows, Assoc. Director,
      The Heritage of the Americas Museum
      Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego
      International Association of Egyptologists

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