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  • Lloyd Miller
    Dear Colleagues, In past years, our journal, Teaching Anthropology:SACC Notes, has mostly published members papers and presentations from SACC and AAA
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2011
      Dear Colleagues,

      In past years, our journal, Teaching Anthropology:SACC Notes, has mostly published members' papers and presentations from SACC and AAA meetings and presentations from our AAA invited session, "Current Issues in Anthropology: Five-Fields Update Symposium." We certainly hope that submissions from these sources will continue.

      However, we have overlooked the fact that publishing in SACC Notes is an opportunity available to all SACC members anytime, whether or not they are presenting at conferences.

      I would like to remedy this oversight by inviting members to consider publishing in SACC Notes. We welcome articles, essays, commentaries, book reviews, observations, research�anything that is relevant to anthropology or to teaching in general. Our guidelines are on the SACC website, saccweb.net/, but I will append them below.

      We will not set a deadline for this next issue, but will publish as soon as we have enough submissions to make an issue. Now's the time to finish that piece you've been wanting to write, and to get it in before the warm breezes of summer take over your life.


      Lloyd Miller, Editor

      Publishing Guidelines for
      Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes
      A digital publication
      (Revised June 2010)

      � 4000 words maximum. If your paper needs to be longer, we will try to include it all if space is available.
      � Style: clear language with a minimum of jargon, writing that is comprehensible to educated lay people, like the kinds of articles commonly anthologized in such readers as Annual Editions. Some of our readers like to duplicate SACC papers for their students in introductory level anthropology courses.
      Try to use as little automatic formatting as possible in your Microsoft Word document. Indent paragraphs with tab key. Use one space after periods that end sentences. Follow the American Anthropologist reference style for bibliographic citations.
      � Submission: as a Microsoft Word document in an e-mail attachment to lloyd.miller@....
      � We welcome photos and graphics, both color and b/w. Low-resolution photos (around 75 dpi; 300 dpi if scanned) in .jpg format work well. Email them as attachments rather than including them in the article.

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