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FW: Call for Proposals for a new international book series: Nati ons, States and Identities

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      FW: Call for Proposals for a new international book series: Nations, States and Identities

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      Subject: Call for Proposals for a new international book series:
      Nations, States and Identities

      From: "Gerard Greenway" <gerard.greenway@...>

      From Harwood Academic Publishers,  publishers of the Postcommunist States
      and Nations series,
      and the Association for the Study of Nationalities,

      a new international book series. . .

      in Post-Soviet Eurasia and Eastern Europe

      Edited by
      Professor David R. Marples, University of Alberta, Canada
      Dr Bhavna Davé, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK

      The series will explore the various aspects of the political, economic, and
      security challenges in post-Soviet Eurasia (the territories of the former
      Soviet Union) and Eastern Europe, analyzing the nexus between the nascent
      state institutions, the international system, and the local social

      The collapse of the Communist bloc in 1989-91 and the continuing integration
      of the new political units into the global system have brought to the fore a
      vast range of new conflicts and challenges. The editors envisage a series of
      books that encompasses political, socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural issues
      in the emergent states and nations of Eurasia and the historical nations of
      Eastern Europe. In certain cases the focus may be on postcommunist
      nationality groups or autonomous regions rather than nations.

      The representative themes in the series will include:
      * the rise of radical Islam
      * the nature of ethnic and regional challenges faced by the new regimes,
      including the minority question, language policy, and the legacy of the
      former Soviet Union
      * the consequences of the unprecedented scale of migration and the spread of
      * the emergence of presidential authoritarianism, and the alienation of both
      legislatures and the citizenry
      * the social tensions rising from stark economic inequalities and declining
      health and social systems
      * competition for natural resources, such as the battle for control of oil
      and pipelines in the Caspian and Black Sea regions
      * environmental issues and ecological degradation
      * issues arising from the tension between state creation and

      The editors are particularly interested in soliciting work that contributes
      to the theoretical literature on any of the various dimensions of nations
      and states in post-Soviet Eurasia and Eastern Europe, which also makes an
      original empirical contribution based on field research. It is anticipated
      that some monographs may focus on a broader theme, while others may be more
      issue-oriented. Though geared toward the social sciences, the work of
      historians is also encouraged.

      The series will consist of single or coauthored monographs and,
      occasionally, edited collections. Only in exceptional cases will work based
      on dissertations be published. The series will cater to an academic audience
      including students (area specialists as well as those interested in the
      particular themes), as well as a broader audience of policy-makers, the
      business community, diplomats, and journalists. Books will average around
      175-220 pages in length (75,000-100,000 words).

      To submit or discuss a publishing proposal, please contact the editors. . .

      Professor David R. Marples
      Department of History and Classics
      University of Alberta
      Alberta T6G 2H4
      E-mail: David.Marples@...

      Dr Bhavna Davé
      Department of Political Studies
      School of Oriental and African Studies
      Thornhaugh Street
      Russell Square
      London WC1H 0XG
      United Kingdom
      E-mail: bd4@...

      Contact at Harwood Academic. . .

      Gerard Greenway
      Harwood Academic Publishers
      PO Box 90
      Reading RG1 8JL
      United Kingdom

      Published by Harwood Academic Publishers with the Association for the Study
      of Nationalities.

      harwood academic publishers
      is an imprint of The Gordon and Breach Publishing Group

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