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      Academe Today's DAILY REPORT
      for subscribers of The Chronicle of Higher Education



      A glance at the spring issue of "Hopscotch":
      The debut of a journal on Hispanic culture

      The new journal, published by the Duke University Press,
      features numerous articles about the intersections of cultures
      and ideas in North and South America. The Peruvian novelist
      Mario Vargas Llosa explores why so many Haitians enter the
      Dominican Republic looking for work, and what the migration says
      about global society. Steven G. Kellman, a professor of
      comparative literature at the University of Texas at San
      Antonio, interviews John Sayles about his films' use of Spanish
      language and Latino culture. Roberto Schwarz, a Brazilian
      writer, reviews how a group of leftist thinkers in his country
      in the 1950s considered how to apply European thinking on class
      and society to Brazil. The journal's editor, Ilan Stavans,
      outlines the quarterly's goals. "Ours is a cardboard world of
      superficialities, one in which entire civilizations are
      routinely reduced to a kit of stereotypes. 'Hopscotch' has been
      born as an antidote to this reductionism." Mr. Stavans, an
      associate professor of Spanish at Amherst College, writes that
      he hopes the journal will examine "the endlessly complicated
      Hispanic perspective in a lucid, engaging, yet provocative
      style, a counterpoint to the empty rhetoric of politicians and
      the stiff blah-blah of academics." The journal's World-Wide Web
      address is http://www.hopscotch.org

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