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Re: [SACC-L] Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha

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  • Kent Morris
    and soliciting reliable and commited volunteers to accomplish it all is the first most crucial goal to making it all happen... ... From: Kaupp, Ann
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 16, 2011
      and soliciting reliable and commited volunteers to accomplish it all is the
      first most crucial goal to making it all happen...
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      Forgot the listserve doesn't accept attachments. Here is the guide:


      1. Start Planning Early.

      Rob and Julie Edwards recommend 18 months of lead time though some of us had
      less time to plan.

      2. NOTIFY the AAA Meeting Coordinator that you are president and they will
      send you a Section Meeting Service Outline with a list of services they
      offer, at an hourly fee. For instance, they can negotiate your hotel
      contract (though many of us have done this ourselves as we establish a
      personal contact), handle registration (recommended), and liability
      insurance, among other offerings.

      3. Check the calendar. Consider dates of other anthropology meetings and try
      to avoid major holidays (though we've had two meeting around Easter) when
      flights may be more costly.

      4. Select a location for your meeting that is not too difficult to get to.

      5. Lodging. Important to estimate the number of people who might attend so
      you can reserve the right number of rooms. Hotels require payment for a
      minimum number of rooms, and if you fall below you still need to pay. On the
      other hand, if you didn't reserve enough rooms, folks might not be able to
      stay at the meeting hotel. Some of us reserved 30 rooms to be rather safe
      and usually went over. Some organizers have reserved a few rooms at the
      meeting price for participants who might want to arrive a day early. Many
      hotels will give you a free room if you filled the number reserved. AAA must
      approve the hotel contract with the AAA attorney and executive director
      signing off on it.

      Create a personal relationship with someone at the site. Know all the
      possible ways of making contact on short notice when your sales rep. might
      not be available.

      6. Meeting rooms. Some hotels have included the meeting room rental in the
      lodging costs providing you reserve a specific number of rooms. Others
      haven't such as in D.C. You will need space that will comfortably hold
      around 65 people sitting at tables and have room for displays, buffets, and
      possibly registration, which oftentimes is held outside the meeting room. Be
      sure you have the space for the entire conference so you don't have to set
      up/take down/set up again. Be sure the room can be darkened sufficiently for
      visual presentations with good light for the rest of the meeting.

      7. Media. It's important to arrange for an LCD projector, a good laptop,
      high quality screen. Some organizers have supplied the LCD projector.
      Presenters may bring their own laptops, but most bring a thumb drive or CD.
      It really helps if you can have access to a computer whiz who can trouble
      shoot if things go wrong (which they will and do!)

      8. Food. Most often buffet breakfasts and lunches are provided during the
      paper sessions and included in the registration fee. These food breaks
      onsite are important in allowing people to become acquainted and create
      cohesion. The down-side of this is that the up-front cost (combined lodging,
      meeting, food) requires a higher registration fee. Some hotels have a
      minimum daily requirement for the cost of food. In D.C. it was $700.
      In recent years, the registration fee has averaged about $275 per
      person. To check out the quality of the hotel food, ask if you can sample a
      lunch or dinner at no cost. Hotels usually do offer a free lunch to
      demonstrate the quality of their food. If you decide not to include meals as
      part of the package, then be sure to have a list of places (and prices)
      where people can go within walking distance. Providing some menus for
      display would be helpful.

      Snacks help keep people awake but they can be costly. (At Asilomar
      snacks ran $8.75 per person per snack). Coffee/tea/water and some kind of
      munchie at breaks are important. Rob and Julie chose to only provide snacks
      in the morning and to provide a longer break in the afternoon. During the
      break people could go over to the coffee bar if they wanted to purchase
      something. Hotels do not allow food to be brought. Rob and Julie did provide
      bottled water and fruit that they purchased at Costco without permission
      from Asilomar figuring it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission
      but this may affect your relationship with the hotel.

      9. Banquets/Receptions. In recent years, organizers have planned a reception
      the evening of registration and before the paper sessions. These convivial
      events have been very successful. SACC members like eating together.
      However, if most meals are on one's own, then at least one "banquet" evening
      would be recommended. You may or may not want to include a speaker or
      entertainment as part of this evening. Do not forget to include this event
      as part of your budget to be included in the registration fee.

      10. Down-time, social time. The major reason people give for attending SACC
      meetings is the opportunity to talk with colleagues. Providing time for this
      to happen is crucial. Breaks, "round tables," open-time question periods
      tied to presentations, etc. Plan this in carefully.

      11. Speakers. Each SACC-Fest has tried to focus on "place" and select field
      trips and speakers that expose participants to some deep understandings
      about the location. Various organizers have interpreted this in different
      ways, but all have worked hard to get at least one speaker from outside the
      SACC network. Set this up early as speakers' calendars fill up. It's also a
      good idea to have a back-up or two in mind in case someone has to cancel.

      12. Field trips. Find out early the cost of buses!! They are one of the
      biggest costs of the conference. Two half-days is more expensive than one
      long day (unless one of the half-days is in walking distance). Think about
      distance, time on the bus, water on the bus, time to wander at the
      destination, speakers/guides at the destination, etc. It's a good idea to
      have a back-up van in case you are a few people over which may happen at the
      last minute ("Is it OK for my son to come along?"). You will need to collect
      for a tip for the driver or plan this into your costs.

      13. Program. Work closely with the program chair. She/he will put out a call
      for proposals; create a draft of the schedule of presentations; send out
      acceptance notes to the presenters. One of the skills required here is
      adjusting to presenter's needs to speak on certain days or at certain times.
      Be prepared for changes in the last few weeks. (Blessings on Rebecca Stein
      who has done this so brilliantly for the last few years).

      Printed program. In the past, the program chair has put this together
      and sent it to the treasurer to print and deliver to the conference. For two
      recent conferences, the organizers took the information from the program
      chair and created and printed the program. They were reimbursed by the
      treasurer for the printing costs. Either way can work - the key is good
      communication between the organizers, the program chair and the treasurer.

      14. Scheduling of events
      · Don't start the first day of the meeting with presentations in the
      morning. Most lodging sites are set up for arrival after lunch and most
      people traveling out-of-state can't get there until mid-day.
      · Consider scheduling a board meeting in the mid-afternoon followed
      by an evening reception.
      · Think carefully about access for adjunct faculty who may not be
      able to attend the field trips but want to be part of the meetings.
      15. Publicity
      · Getting the word out to SACC members includes using the
      newsletter, listserve, web page and email. The AAA also can assist on
      publicity. Postcards and letters with address labels from the AAA is another
      way of getting the word out.
      · The Chair of the Membership Committee usually sends out a letter
      in early October to inform, invite and encourage attendance.
      · Be sure that all registration and reservation deadlines are
      · As soon as the program is set, it should go up on the web.
      16. Registration & reservations
      · Registration for the conference itself is done through the AAA. We
      pay them for this service. The idea is that they will send us the
      information as people register. This is not a seamless process and takes
      considerable work to make it work. The current contact person is Khara
      Minter (kminter@...<mailto:kminter@...>; (703) 528-1902, ext.
      3025. Get to know her early in the process!
      · The SACC treasurer will bring receipts, name tags and name tag
      holders to the conference for pre-registered attendees. She/he will also
      bring forms for on-site registration. Organizers and treasurer should
      deicide on who will handle on-site registration starting on the first day
      people arrive.
      · Reservations for lodging are done separately through the hotel or
      conference ground. Organizers arrange for special rates for participants but
      SACC is responsible for a minimum number of rooms. This also takes on-going
      contact between the organizers and the reservations person at the lodging

      17. Budgeting: Create a spread sheet of all the costs SACC will be
      responsible for and be generous in your expectations of costs! The meetings
      are the way that SACC supplements its operating budget each year. (I added
      $50.00 per person to the costs for SACC operations). Work closing with the
      treasurer on estimating costs. There is a pre-registration deadline cost and
      a post deadline cost. You should also compute a cost for one-day
      registration (particularly attractive for people who live in the area and
      for adjunct).

      18. Estimating # of people: Check out the past three or four years of
      attendance and think about factors such as ease of travel, locations, dates,
      etc. and make an educated guess! You also need to think about extra people
      who will come with members, not register for the conference, but will attend
      the field trip (you can have a special charge for the field-trip only). The
      trick here is to estimate low in terms of committing to rooms but to
      estimate high in terms of back up plans (whew!).

      19. Packets and prizes and such: Everyone loves getting things! Each
      SACC-Fest has done this a little differently but here are some of the things
      to consider:
      · Book bag to hold stuff!
      · Program binder with program, minutes from SACC, flyers/forms
      AAA/SACC, tourist information, paper or notebooks for writing, a pen!
      · A bottle of water in each bag is really, really nice!
      · Check with publishers for a book display and possible books to
      give away at the end.
      · Posters, prizes, may be available - check with local merchants,
      Tourist offices, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

      20. Items to Sell
      SACC mugs and t-shirts have been recent items to supplement the treasury.
      The Vice-President for Membership and Development takes a lead on this.

      Rob and Julie's things they would do differently next time: (Or - if only I
      knew then what I know now!)
      · The only time we could get California coast lodging was to
      schedule into the Easter weekend. This was hard for some people. Maybe if we
      had started planning three years out we could have gotten an earlier
      · A number of people left on Saturday due to the holidays. This
      meant we had a number of rooms empty that we had to pay for.
      · Responsibility for publicity wasn't clear and needed more follow
      · We needed a better way to get the schedule of events out to
      participants before the conference began. We did not have everyone's email
      address, which needs to become part of the registration form with AAA. We
      also need a clearer system of getting information from AAA to SACC.

      COFFEE AND SNACKS ARE EXPENSIVE! This was some of the best info that Ph il
      Naftly and Bob Muckle passed on to me. He told me to be ready to be shocked
      by the price of coffee and I was. Be sure to get price lists from the
      prospective hotels. Also, try the food. Even though they told me the hotel
      renovations would be finished before our meeting, they were willing to let
      me bring food in. This really helped us cover costs. The snacks weren't
      fancy and it meant more work for me, but I think it was worth it. (When I
      was planning this meeting, I was scared to death that SACC would end up with
      no money. We were very close to running in the red at this time.) Also,
      SACCers will guzzle soft drinks like you wouldn't believe. These are
      expensive, too.

      BUSES ARE EXPENSIVE! Try to work with the bus company so you can vary
      whether it will be one or two buses or that you can add vehicles later on.
      I had someone in Savannah helping me with this and he was a life saver.
      Some SACCers will just show up with extra people for the tours only. We
      were able to get everyone out to the Penn Center because he rented a van
      (and drove it), and a few of us drove our cars and "carried" other folks
      with us. Looking back on this, I would probably make a rule and keep track
      so that the "first signed up" has priority.

      AAA. They are not always easy to work with. It amazed me how I couldn't
      get information from them sometimes. For example, they couldn't tell me how
      many people had registered until right at the end. Maybe this has changed.

      Use the local Chamber of Commerce. Because I went through the meeting
      planning division of the Chamber of Commerce in Savannah, I was able to get
      lots of information about other activities going on. I also got two free
      nights for a visit Savannah before finalizing the meeting. This gave me a
      chance to talk to people at a lot of different hotels.

      Gather Information. I knew some things about Savannah, but the planner at
      the Chamber was a local person. She's the one who told me to take the group
      to Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House. I didn't know about the place and, for me,
      it was one of the special activities.

      Checking the calendar. This is really, really important. I found out from
      the Chamber of Commerce that there were only a couple of open weekends in
      Savannah in the spring because of garden tours, house tours, golf
      tournaments, etc. I took this into consideration as well as Easter,
      Passover, and Orthodox Easter.

      Guest Speakers. Again, the Chamber was helpful. They gave me names at the
      Savannah College of Art and Design. I contacted SCAD and they suggested
      some speakers. Also, the Penn Center suggested our speaker on Gullah
      heritage. Make sure you have contact with your speakers so they know the
      group and know where the group is meeting. One of my speakers went to one
      of the local colleges because he had given presentations there so many times
      before. And, find out how much they charge. One of my speakers charged
      nothing (We still made a payment to him and he donated it to his school);
      the other was a surprise for me. Find out what technology they need for
      their presentations.

      Shopping Time. This group likes some time to visit unusual/local shops. Be
      sure that there's time for this. For example, we stopped in Frogmore (a
      crossroads) because there is a little artist colony there. People wouldn't
      have been able to get there on their own.

      Food. I had box lunches delivered one day. That was one of the biggest
      disappointments. I should've sampled their food. I just used the hotel's
      list of caterers.

      City Info. The Chamber of Commerce can probably provide maps, city info,
      restaurant lists, etc. This can go into the packets given at the
      registration table.

      City Tours. Bob Muckle may have started this and we've done it at several
      conferences now. It gives folks an overview of where they are and usually
      comes with a bit of tour guide information. I think it was about
      $15/person. They worked out a deal for us because we would fill two
      trolleys and they wouldn't be stopping and starting. It was a sure thing
      for them. This company was also the same ones who helped me arrange for the

      Publicity. As soon as you have dates, let folks know. Also, AAA has
      several sites where they publish the announcement and it may still be free.
      I also e-mailed people directly. Some folks were not happy with this,
      however. I e-mailed updates while planning the meetings. For example, when
      I knew we would be at the Penn Center, I e-mailed information about it. I
      also e-mailed info about Savannah being one of the top "walking cities" in
      the U.S. A preliminary program is good, even if you don't know the
      specifics. Some folks need these for administrators.

      Publishers. Sometimes the publishers are willing to come up with a little
      money if you allow them to display their books.

      Packets, prizes, and such. Personally, I'm not big into this. To me it's
      just something else to have to figure out how I will get it on the plane.
      Ask the hotel if they will provide writing pads and pens (and if they charge
      for this).

      Lodging. Bargain for a free exploratory visit. (The Chamber of Commerce
      will often arrange for this.) They will usually give one or two rooms for
      free during the conference depending on how many rooms you book. We got two
      in Savannah. I used one and gave the other one to Mel & Leatha because they
      did so much work.

      Herding Cats. Someone described keeping track of SACCers as "like herding
      cats on crack." I felt I had to be very clear and demanding about when the
      bus would leave and that people needed to keep track of each other and make
      sure your "seat buddies" were on the bus. Something else I would do now is
      to provide everyone with phone numbers of taxis. Also, if it's not on the
      schedule, you're on your own. (This sounds bad, but we really are all up
      for any and all adventures!)

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      Subject: RE: [SACC-L] Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha

      We talked about this at the SF meetings, and decided then that we would
      compile information and produce a binder or documents for the
      President-Elect, the President, and the Past President. I remember this
      distinctly as I knew that my hour was imminent...

      Mark, if you could send your written guide out as part of the body of an
      email, or directly to us, that would be helpful, as the list serv doesn't
      accept attachments. Maybe it's time to change that?


      From: Gilliland, Mary [mailto:mkgilliland@...]
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      Subject: RE: [SACC-L] Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha

      I would have benefitted greatly from a guide for SACC officers, and
      specifically for planning the meetings, and for the 5-field. Ann Kaupp
      shared a letter she used for the 5-field which was useful, and did include
      the publication piece -- but I suppose I wasn't so convincing with my
      people. As I was recruiting, I became more focused on getting the panel
      together, and less on what we were doing for them, which as Dianne points
      out, is really a lot! It should be a win-win, for them and for us, not just
      the panel, but the SACC notes contribution, which isn't really a lot to ask,
      and also a win for the presenters (they just have to actually write up what
      they present).

      I got lots of good advice as I did various things during the
      meeting-planning, during my year as president, and so on, but I found myself
      still feeling a little out of synch. The AAA provides a guide, which is
      huge and daunting, helpful, yes, but the SACC Notes version would have been
      really great to have in hand. I find that SACC people get to the heart of
      what counts, and give the best guidlines -- we just aren't always very
      formal about it. In this case I think again the write up would b e helpful
      to all concerned.

      Mary Kay
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      Subject: Re: [SACC-L] Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha

      Diane: Please find a copy of your written "guide" for SACC officers, and
      specifically, the letter for 5 Fields folks to publish...I am sure your
      letter would be more civil and more effective than mine.
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      Subject: RE: [SACC-L] Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha

      Providing a written guide to future SACC presidents is a great idea. In
      fact, Ann Kaupp, Bob Muckle, Phil Naftaly, a couple of other folks (sorry I
      can't remember all the names), and I worked on one. Maybe it hasn't gotten
      passed on?

      Also, when I invited 5-fields presenters, I used a letter format from Bob
      Muckle which told them right up front that their presentation would be
      published. One of them didn't submit, but I do think we got the others. I
      think if I had it to do over, I'd be even more specific that this would be
      part of the contract with them. (We do, after all, pay for their AAA

      Something else I'd like to discuss sometime is what should an intro course
      definitely cover. Our psychology folks have recommendations from the APA
      which they use in course evaluations.


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      Subject: [SACC-L] Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha


      I think providing a written guide to future SACC presidents is an excellent
      idea. I realize that ultimately, we cannot make our presenters write up
      their presentations for publication. However, I've always felt that the real
      value in the symposium was that the conference papers were both delivered
      live and published for posterity. If I were a Five-Fields contributor and
      felt that I had something worth saying, I would certainly want it to reach
      more people than the relatively few who hear it live. (Remember the early
      years when we sometimes didn't even have a minyan?)

      I've noticed that the quality of written submissions by Five-Fields
      contributors has improved. That may be due to a general increase in both
      visibility of and respect for SACC (at least I like to think this). I hope
      that this recent hiatus in submissions does not reflect a reversal of this


      On Mar 12, 2011, at 10:40 PM, Mark Lewine wrote:

      > One of the problems, I would suggest, is that we expect SACCers and
      > faculty in general to know, respect, and act to preserve significant
      > organizational history, particularly when it is a beloved cultural
      > organization important to 'us'. I go to Five Fields at AAA because it is
      > part of my 'responsibility' as a SACC member and leader, and I am proud of
      > its importance to a national anthropology professional culture. When I was
      > responsible for 5 Fields, I chose speakers for it that I thought
      > represented their subfields, told them that we provided registration fees
      > and expected that he or she would relate a current issue in their field
      > and deliver a paper for our publication. But this is America where we
      > cannot expect much understanding of any kind of organizational history,
      > where less than 50% of people invited to anything with an RSVP even
      > respond with one, and a sense of history of any kind lasts a short time if
      > at all. So it is important to tell each President elect at each meeting
      > what is expected and give them a written guide for accomplishing it. I
      > would be glad to provide a written guide which would include not only the
      > above, but how to properly 'market' the session with flyers and make sure
      > we have a decent room size, and have at least one speaker with "name
      > recognition", as well as how to "bug" slow paper submissions, if not
      > boldly ask for copies at the session itself.
      > From: Lloyd Miller
      > To: SACC ListServ ; Becky Stein-Frankle ; Barbara Joans ; Laura Gonzalez ;
      > Tony Balzano ; Bob Muckle (w) ; Dorothy Davis ; Thomas B. Stevenson ; Mark
      > Lewine (w) ; Nicole Ives ; Ann Kaupp ; George Thomas ; Chuck & Gail
      > Ellenbaum ; Tim Sullivan ; Phil Stein ; Mark Tromans ; Barry Kass ;
      > Deborah Shepherd ; George Rodgers ; Jo Rainie-Rodgers ; Dianne Chidester ;
      > Mel Johnson ; Margaret Mitchell ; Bill Byrne ; Brian Donohue-Lynch ; Mark
      > Lewine ; Barbara Mueller ; Mary Gilliland ; Ellen Johnson ; Stephanie
      > Roberg-López ; Omara Ben Abe ; Linda Light ; Linda Light ; Cynthia
      > Ninivaggi ; Dennis Kellogg ; Autumn Cahoon ; Ann Popplestone ; Frank
      > Lagana ; Pamela Maack ; Marian McWhorter ; Deborah Weber ; Rebecca Cramer
      > ; Jason Wenzel ; Pat Hamlen
      > Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 6:04 PM
      > Subject: Fwd: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha
      > Dear SACC colleagues,
      > I'm forwarding to you the thread of a conversation among SACC board
      > members about how to keep our publication, Teaching Anthropology: SACC
      > Notes (TASN) alive. The immediate problem is that we have had no
      > submissions for the spring 2011 issue. Please read (from the bottom up)
      > and respond however you wish.
      > Thanks!
      > Lloyd
      > Begin forwarded message:
      >> From: Lloyd Miller <lloyd.miller@...>
      >> Date: March 11, 2011 4:59:53 PM CST
      >> To: Melvin Johnson <majohns1@...>
      >> Cc: Laura Gonzalez <lagonzal@...>, <nicoleives@...>, Rebecca
      >> Stein-Frankle <steinrl@...>, George Rodgers <grodgers@...>,
      >> Autumn Cahoon <akcahoon@...>, <ann.popplestone@...>, Ann Kaupp
      >> <kauppa@...>, Mary Kay Gilliland <mkgilliland@...>
      >> Subject: Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha
      >> Hi all,
      >> It's good to hear commentary on this. I feel like the editor "coming in
      >> from the cold" (with apologies to John Le Carré).
      >> Nicole, I agree with the others that you described the situation
      >> insightfully. And I think your suggestion that someone write about the
      >> evolution of community college teaching is good.
      >> Laura, the deadline is whatever we make it to be. In the past, I have
      >> tried to space the two biannual issues so that spring comes out in time
      >> for the SACC meetings and fall in time for the AAA meetings. However, we
      >> even have more flexibility with an online mode because as soon as it's
      >> proofed and ready to go, we plunk on the website, and poof! No waiting
      >> three weeks for bulk mailing and no printing costs. So, if others feel as
      >> you do and would submit articles, book and media reviews, commentaries on
      >> the current human condition, etc., we'll have an issue.
      >> Mel, I have always favored, and still favor, print over reading text on
      >> computer monitors. I think I've written that in the past. As a former
      >> SACC treasurer, however, I think you can appreciate the sharp reduction
      >> in production costs. A pianist I work with has special glasses for
      >> reading music on the piano lyre, probably in the trifocal range. Are
      >> these like yours? Anyway, we never limited spring issues exclusively to
      >> Five-Fields presentations and the fall issue exclusively to those
      >> presented in spring. I think we've always had a mix, and occasionally
      >> have received an "over-the-transom" submission from a non-SACCer that
      >> makes a worthwhile contribution.
      >> We have also had several theme issues that grew out of SACC panels at
      >> AAA, notably Bob Muckle's on archaeology and Tony Balzano's on ethnicity.
      >> If those can be organized, certainly they would be worthwhile and most
      >> welcomed. I agree that we must change our publicity and strike the
      >> statements about non-AAA member fees, etc. Now, the subscriber category
      >> is gone and SACC membership is really defined as AAA membership. But
      >> since both our website and listserv (the latter with Ann Popplestone as
      >> gatekeeper) are free and open to the public, we don't know how many of
      >> those who view or participate in either one are AAA members. In any case,
      >> Mel, I agree that these are important issues and look forward to
      >> confronting and hopefully resolving them.
      >> I'm going to forward this entire thread to the listserv and other SACCers
      >> whose addresses I have (some of you will receive it several times; sorry)
      >> in hopes that others will take up Laura's "call for papers." Whether or
      >> not we require Five-Fields presenters to publish with us as part of the
      >> invitation may be more a rethinking of that symposium than of TASN.
      >> However, TASN's existence in whatever form will depend on SACC members,
      >> not invited guests.
      >> Cheers!
      >> Lloyd
      >> On Mar 11, 2011, at 11:07 AM, Melvin Johnson wrote:
      >>> Here is my two-cents worth--I personally do not like the digital
      >>> version, because I have had to get special glasses to just deal with
      >>> computer screens. Print is preferable. I agree I do not think going
      >>> digital makes the attractiveness of SACCNotes less. I did not submit
      >>> things to SACCNotes when it was in print, so there you are. However,
      >>> perhaps what we need is a different forum for the papers. Perhaps doing
      >>> the 5-fields exclusively in the spring, and the spring meeting in the
      >>> fall is not appropriate anymore. Perhaps instead we should try to do
      >>> more thematic issues, for instance one on teaching methodologies,
      >>> student presentations or papers nominated for the student awards, one
      >>> which deals exclusively with archaeology, theory, etc. We also need to
      >>> address the need for subscriptions. Since SACCNotes is published online
      >>> and that is available for all to see, why are we still charging a
      >>> subscription fee to non-AAA members. Perhaps we have many very BIG
      >>> issues to confront, and now is as good a time as any!!
      >>> Mel Johnson
      >>> "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death." --Mame
      >>> Dennis
      >>> Subject: RE: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha
      >>> Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 06:52:04 -0800
      >>> From: lagonzal@...
      >>> To: nicoleives@...; lloyd.miller@...
      >>> CC: majohns1@...; steinrl@...; grodgers@...;
      >>> akcahoon@...; ann.popplestone@...; kauppa@...;
      >>> mkgilliland@...
      >>> I think Nicole sums up what we are all experiencing. However, I don't
      >>> want to see SACC Notes end. It is a great way to get published for those
      >>> of us who don't want to go through the rigamaroll of submitting to a
      >>> peer-reviewed journal (and probably wouldn't get accepted anyway, at
      >>> least in my case!). I don't believe that going digital has anything to
      >>> do with it, just that people are swamped.
      >>> Is the deadline long past for the Spring issue, Lloyd? Or could several
      >>> of us work up something quickly?
      >>> Laura
      >>> From: Nicole Ives [mailto:nicoleives@...]
      >>> Sent: Fri 3/11/2011 6:00 AM
      >>> To: Lloyd Miller
      >>> Cc: Mel Johnson; Becky Stein-Frankle; George Rodgers; Autumn Cahoon; Ann
      >>> Popplestone; Ann Kaupp; Laura Gonzalez, T (Miramar); Mary Gilliland
      >>> Subject: Re: item for board meeting agenda in Omaha
      >>> Hi All -
      >>> This is depressing - and I can't help but think it is a reflection of
      >>> the shift in the way those of us who teach anthropology at community
      >>> colleges deal with employment pressures. I have 3 partially written
      >>> articles that I've been wanting to submit since I joined SACC 3 years or
      >>> so ago. But, I work a full-time job and teach 2 classes a semester. On
      >>> top of this, I serve on various committees, work on various projects,
      >>> and have various professional development commitments related to my
      >>> full-time job. Unfortunately, my full-time job, though not my passion,
      >>> pays the bills and I have to make it my priority. Excuses, excuses, I
      >>> know - but, I just don't have the time to write articles! I think a lot
      >>> of SACCers are in the same boat here. So many of us are adjuncts and/or
      >>> have to work additional jobs just to make ends meet or serve in other
      >>> positions in addition to teaching. My dream is to ONLY teach, then I
      >>> could actually read books and write!
      >>> I don't think we should end SACC Notes - I do think it is a reflection
      >>> of how teaching at a community college has changed though. Maybe
      >>> someone should write an article about that - if they can find the
      >>> time....
      >>> Nikki
      >>> On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 2:39 AM, Lloyd Miller <lloyd.miller@...>
      >>> wrote:
      >>> Sorry I've been out of touch for so long. Just returned home today from
      >>> two and a half weeks of traveling. Wi Fi service was spotty and some
      >>> glitch in my laptop's email software prohibited me from sending email,
      >>> though I could receive it.
      >>> We have a problem that needs discussion. Except for a second part of
      >>> Jack Kelso's article from the fall 2010 TASN issue, I have not received
      >>> a single submission for the spring issue. I sent out my usual
      >>> invitations to the Five-Fields presenters and Mary Kay sent them
      >>> reminders as well, but only one responded, saying,"Thanks for the
      >>> invitation. I was just thinking about emailing," though never sent
      >>> anything. Bob Muckle had also asked earlier if he could skip this issue
      >>> with his "Archaeology Matters" column due to a heavier-than-usual
      >>> workload.
      >>> We also received no submissions from the SACC spring 2010 meetings in
      >>> San Francisco, except for Cynthia Ninivaggi and Frank Lagana's papers.
      >>> Fortunately, I had another of Frank's papers that I had misplaced from
      >>> the previous year, so I published them both, and with Barry Kass's book
      >>> review, Jack Kelso's paper and Bob's column, we had an issue.
      >>> In the 20 years I've been editing TASN, this has never happened before.
      >>> We've always received enough submissions-sometimes more than enough-to
      >>> make thick, meaty issues. The only difference is that now we're digital
      >>> rather than print. Could this be the reason? Digital should be easier
      >>> for contributors; it is for me.
      >>> So, the bottom line is that we don't have a spring issue. I think we
      >>> need to discuss TASN's future. Perhaps it has outlived whatever
      >>> usefulness and relevance it has had. Maybe contributors don't want to
      >>> put forth the effort to publish in a non-peer-reviewed journal. Maybe
      >>> the website and listserv by themselves meet all of SACC's communication
      >>> needs. Perhaps someone still teaching, with fresh ideas and approach,
      >>> should replace me. I would miss it, but will obligingly step aside if
      >>> this is what's needed.

      >>> Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all in Omaha.
      >>> Lloyd

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