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RE: [BULK] [SACC-L] Culture Lecture Ideas

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  • Anthony Balzano
    Becky, I was just asked a similar question by a member of our psych dept teaching a cross-cultural psych course. I recommended On Being Different by Conrad
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      I was just asked a similar question by a member of our psych dept teaching a cross-cultural psych course. I recommended "On Being Different" by Conrad Kottak & Kathryn Kozaitis (McGraw Hill). It is essentially derived from Kottak's Intro texts and written for a general audience. What you will want to use is the first two chapters of the book that serves as a good primer on culture. The book's sub-themes are diversity and multiculturalism. The psych folks love it.

      Regards, Tony

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      Hello, all. This semester I am teaching a new class at our college -
      Social Science 1: Introduction to the Social Sciences. I am actually
      co-teaching with a sociologist and the class is part of a first-year
      experience program designed for first semester students whose English
      placement puts them one level below college English.

      So far we've discussed the different social sciences, methodology and some
      basic things like that and have tried to make it very activities-based. In
      a couple of weeks I am slated to do a unit on culture (around 4 hours
      worth). To be honest, I haven't done an intro cultural anthro class in
      well over a decade and back then didn't do much on the activity front. I
      thought I'd see if any SACC-ers had suggestions! How do you teach the
      culture concept? What kinds of activities do you use? I'd love to hear
      from Mel (cultural geography perspective) and anyone else whose done culture
      from a non-Anthro discipline since this is a social science intro. And keep
      in mind this a group of students who based on their English placement would
      be advised not to take a regular anthro course.



      PS (I'll be emailing out a reminder about sending in your abstracts for the
      SACC conference in Omaha soon as the deadline gets closer, but since I'm
      already emailing, I thought I'd mention it here too.)

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