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Re: [SACC-L] SACCfest 2011

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  • Mark Lewine
    Thanks for thinking of me, Chuck, and I planned this year to drive to the meeting. However, Sally is being checked for Parkinson s as she has many of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 20, 2011
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      Thanks for thinking of me, Chuck, and I planned this year to drive to the
      meeting. However, Sally is being checked for Parkinson's as she has many of
      the early symptoms of it and we are just now trying small trips to see how
      it goes. So, I am not sure about going long distances this year until we
      have a handle on this. It may be a last minute decision.
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      > Mel,
      > I think your idea of a panel discussion is great. I would think Mark
      > Lewine's working with the local community would be a good panelist.
      > Bob Muckle's work with the First Nations would make him a valuable
      > panelist. I am not sure who else would be a good fit with this panel.
      > I'd be happy to volunteer to facilitate/time keeper any sessions since
      > I have done this before.
      > Look like an excellent program.
      > Chuck ><>
      > On Feb 14, 2011, at 9:41 PM, leathamj47 wrote:
      >> Okay--after much delay, we are definitely going to Little Priest
      >> Tribal College (LPTC). We just got this confirmed. I was hesitant to
      >> ask for anything until I knew for sure. It's a long story - I'll
      >> tell you in Omaha. Don't worry, no dead bodies or anything!!
      >> First major item: I have agreed that SACC will sponsor a panel
      >> discussion about possible careers in anthropology for Native
      >> Americans. I think that it would be great to include some discussion
      >> of what has been successfully done in archaeology with local groups
      >> (Native American and non-Native American), in business and labor
      >> relations (cultural anthropology), in government work for cultural
      >> resources and NAGPRA compliance, and in the community for medical,
      >> social, and welfare issues.
      >> First question: What do you think? The president of LPTC, Dr. Paul
      >> Robertson, wants students and members of the community to see that
      >> anthropology has a practical bent to it. He also would like to have
      >> the students get information about where to go to school to get the
      >> training, and what that training would entail.
      >> Second question: Which of you want to volunteer to be on the panel?
      >> I am thinking no more than 5 or 6 people.
      >> Second major item: I asked some time ago about the possibility of
      >> student posters. Dr. Robertson thinks this is a good idea, but I
      >> have not said anything to anybody else--my bad, I know. Do you think
      >> anyone will bring students and if so, will they want to put up a
      >> poster about their activities or research? This is very late, I
      >> know. But maybe something can be salvaged.
      >> Let me know your thoughts.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Mel
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