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FW: Three Great Titles on Buddhist Studies (fwd)

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      FW: Three Great Titles on Buddhist Studies (fwd)

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      Subject: Three Great Titles on Buddhist Studies (fwd)

      Three new Indian books. Details below.  Hugh

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      Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 15:28:03 +0500
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      Subject: Three Great Titles on Buddhist Studies


      1. Goldstein, Melvyn C.,
      English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan / Melvyn C. Goldstein.  4th
      rev. & enl. ed. Dharamsala, Library of Tibetan Works & Archives.  1999.
      xxii, 342 p. 24 cm.
      List Price: $ 30        Your Price: $ 27


      Much awaited revised edition of this dictionary is finally out. A scholarly
      dictionary of its kind by the world's leading lexicographer of modern
      Tibetan. Essential for everyone who needs to write or speak modern Tibetan:
      scholars, students, government officials, business people etc.. 16,000 main
      entries and 29,000 sub-entries, ranging from the technical and scholarly to
      the idiomatic and colloquail.


      2. Huber, Toni,
      Sacred Spaces & Powerful Places in Tibetan Culture : A Collection of Essays
      / Edited by Toni Huber.  1st ed. Dharamsala, Library of Tibetan Works &
      Archives.  1999.  xii, 403 p. 24 cm.
      List Price: $ 33.30 (Ubd.)      Your Price: $ 30 (Ubd.)
      ISBN: 8186470220                KK-11381


      The essays in this volume all attempt to document and interpret ways in
      which Tibetan peoples have identified and related to different categories
      of space and place as being unique or of higher ontological value, and as
      being set apart from many other spheres and sites of human life. The
      collection reflects the multitude of traditions of thinking about space and
      place which can be found in Tibetan culture.

      Each essay constitutes a separate chapter and they are arranged into four
      parts relative to their predominant themes like, Social Identity &
      Territory, Ritual Spaces & Places, Hidden Countries & Holy Lands and
      Colonialism & modernity.


      3. Bu-sTon,
      Jewellery of Scripture / Bu-sTon, translated by E. Obermiller.  1st ed. New
      Delhi, Paljor Publications.  1999.  x, 221 p. 22 cm.
      List Price: $ 25        Your Price: $ 22.50
      ISBN: 8186230149                KK-11382


      Bu-Ton Rinpoche was a native of Central Tibet. He lived in the years
      1290-1364. He consequently belongs to the old school of Tibetan learning.
      Besides the History he has written many other works. History of Buddhism in
      India and Tibet by the great scholar is held in great esteem by Tibetan and
      Mongolian learned lamas.

      The present translation is divided into two books. First book contains
      three parts. The merit of studying & preaching the doctrine, General review
      of the literature of Buddhism, and The consideration fulfillment of the
      rules for study and teaching. Book two includes, the history of Buddhism,
      the difference aeons, the rise of Buddha in this world etc.


      Price indicated is in US dollars.

      Libraries & institutions may straight raise their purchase orders thru our
      website, e-mail, fax or post and pay routinely after receipt of materials &
      their corresponding invoices.

      Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru their personal checks
      drawn in US dollars (or any other equivalent currency) favouring
      <K.K.AGENCIES> and while so doing kindly put title/s together, so that a
      one time order totals upto US $ 20.

      Our comprehensive catalog can be browsed at <www.kkagencies.com>.

      We at KK are dedicated to making your experience with us more enjoyable and

      With kind regards,

      K. R. Mittal                              E-mail: kkagen@...
      K. K. Agencies                                    info@...
      Online Store of Indian Publications       Website: www.kkagencies.com
      H-12 Bali Nagar                           Fax: (+0091/11)5412716
      New Delhi-110015 / India                  Phone: (+0091/11)5465925

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