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Re: [SACC-L] Ellen's Memorial Service

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  • Mark Lewine
    Chuck, bless you for sending these wonderful connections to Ellen and her vital life of spirit. I still see her a couple of times a day, smiling and laughing,
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      Chuck, bless you for sending these wonderful connections to Ellen and her vital life of spirit. I still see her a couple of times a day, smiling and laughing, eye's sparkling.
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      From: Chuck & Gail Ellenbaum
      To: List SACC-L
      Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 7:42 PM
      Subject: [SACC-L] Ellen's Memorial Service

      Friends & Colleagues,

      Ellen's Memorial Service was last Saturday with both the sanctuary and
      the fellowship hall full up with people. Ellen touched many people in
      her teaching, dancing, singing, church groups, neighbors, and other
      venues. There were several hundred there. I want to share with you a
      poem Ellen wrote that was read by her son David and another poem
      written by a long-time friend and colleague Freyda Libman.

      Here is the address of Ellen's husband: Phil Paul; 19 N. Main St.,
      Naperville, IL 60540; >phil_paul60164@...<
      Here are the addresses of her sons: Paul Johnson; 2151 Randolph
      Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105; >mtbtridad@...< and Dave Johnson; 5716
      Tanglewood Dr., Bethesda, MD 20817; >davidcjohnson@....

      Ellen's Poem published in Matrix by the Red Herring Press, 1987:


      Linking heaven and earth
      Is a flowing river, A stream of being and becoming

      Its conduits are many:
      Meditators and prayers\People.

      When we join and flow
      With the river
      We become
      As a tree
      As a flower.
      Our roots descend,
      Seeking nourishment
      And our faces rise,
      Seeking air and sunlight.
      We find our center
      And expand outward,
      Coming into loving communion with
      All Being
      Fellow people

      Today I give you
      Of flowers.
      I share with you
      My soul
      My Connectedness
      My Love.
      And I wish for you
      The joy of growing
      Of flowing and finding
      And the gentleness
      And Strength
      Of a flower.

      Freyda Libman's Poem (2011)


      Margaret Mead of COD,
      Danced her worlds beyond the sea,
      Hambo, hora, arms enlocked,
      Feet alight in Birkenstocks,

      Necklaces like jeweled flints,
      Skirts in red folkloric prints,
      Amber bracelets, turquoise rings
      Mayan music, Asia sings.

      Eyes of Cornish blue, that Courtenay gaze
      Passion flared in every phrase,
      All the years I taught with you
      Every class encultured new.

      As scholars, teachers, always friends
      Our classroom rich with worlds to mend,
      Matriarch of text and tale
      Every day your word regaled.

      Your students loved your mind so vast
      Unvanquished by the years' repast
      To beckon, challenge, prod and dream
      To call and hearken, stir and stream.

      We held our heartbreak, laced our joy
      In laughter bold and sans alloy,
      We learned the length of women's words
      Fiercely silenced, seldom heard.

      We shared in whispers, pain withheld
      From others, seldom voiced, unsaid.
      Trust uncensored chapters closed
      Our kinship born of years untold.

      I wept to hear your life unfurled
      Your time unhinged, your breath uncurled,
      On eagle's wing you flew away
      You left this life as travelers may.

      Across the channel all will cross,
      Canoe adrift on silvery moss
      You chide us not to mourn adrift
      But dance once more in moonless mist.

      When Ellen had her stroke on the plane here were several doctors and
      nurses who tended her until the plane landed in Siberia. She was
      immediately taken to the hospital and given prompt medical attention.
      Her son Paul was able to get to Siberia and be with Ellen. She never
      regained consciousness. Paul said many people took him into their
      hearts and compassion from getting a visa and passport in less than a
      day and getting a flight. People in Siberia cared for him as well.

      It was a very moving memorial service. I will run off copies of her
      poem and the memorial service booklet for people to have at the SACC
      meeting in April.

      Chuck Ellenbaum ><>+

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