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FW: Indian book: Fields of Victory (fwd)

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      FW: Indian book: Fields of Victory (fwd)

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      Subject: Indian book: Fields of Victory (fwd)

      Details below. Hugh

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      Subject: Fields of Victory - One Recent Title

      Here is a great work, just published, which could be of interest to you.

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      Morrison, Kathleen D.,
      Fields of Victory : Vijayanagara and the Course of Intensification /
      Kathleen D. Morrison.  1st ed. New Delhi, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
      Pvt. Ltd.  2000.  x, 201 p. ills. maps. 30 cm.
      List Price: $ 41.70     Your Price: $ 37.50
      ISBN: 8121509181                KK-10940

      Vijayanagara, the "city of victory," was the capital city of an expansive
      empire which lay claim to large tracts of land in southern India between
      the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries AD. For the approximately two
      hundred years of its existence, Vijayanagara was not merely a political
      center, it was also a population center and a locus of production, trade
      and consumption. The dry interior districts of northern Karnataka, which
      supported this great city, pose special challenges to agricultural
      production; the success of the city depended on meeting these challenges.
      This volume considers the diverse repertoire of agricultural strategies
      practiced by Vijayanagara food producers, using evidence from original
      research on archaeology, paleoecology, and written texts. A primary focus
      of the volume is the process of agricultural intensification, a process
      critically important to both the initial founding of the city and its
      dramatic expansion in the early sixteenth century. The author argues that
      understanding the course or path of intensification is critically important
      and an essential prerequisite to coming to terms with competing causal
      models for agricultural change.

      1. Agricultural Intensification
      2. Agricultural Production in the Vijayanagara Region
      3. Vijayanagara Agriculture in Context
      4. The Vijayanagara Metropolitan Survey
      5. Archaeological Patterns of Land Use
      6. The Historical Record
      7. Identifying Land Use: Pollen and Charcoal
      8. Conclusion: Intensification at Vijayanagara
      Appendix 1 List of Recorded Sites in Blocks O, S, and T
      Appendix 2 Vegetation


      Kathleen D. Morrison is an Associate Professor in the Department of
      Anthropology, University of Chicago.


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