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FW: US NEH Summer Stipend $4,000 Deadline Announcement (fwd)

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    ... From: Hugh W. Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU] Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 5:11 PM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: US NEH Summer
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      FW: US NEH Summer Stipend $4,000 Deadline Announcement (fwd)

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      Subject: US NEH Summer Stipend $4,000 Deadline Announcement (fwd)

      FYI all. Details below. Hugh

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      > Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 13:17:48 -0400
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      > Subject: FW: NEH Summer Stipend ($4,000) Deadline Announcement
      >       Deadline: October 1, 2000 for awards during the summer of 2001
      > The National Endowment for the Humanities announces the competition for
      > Summer Stipends awards. These awards support two consecutive months of
      > full-time work on projects that will make a significant contribution to
      > the humanities. In most cases, faculty members of colleges and
      > universities in the United States must be nominated by their institutions
      > for the Summer Stipends competition, and each of these institutions may
      > nominate two applicants. Prospective applicants who will require
      > nomination should acquaint themselves with their institution's nomination
      > procedures well before the October 1 deadline. Individuals employed in
      > nonteaching capacities in colleges and universities and independent
      > scholars not affiliated with colleges and universities do not require
      > nomination and may apply directly to the program. Adjunct faculty and
      > academic applicants with appointments terminating by the summer of 2001
      > may also apply without nomination.
      > TENURE: Tenure must cover two full and uninterrupted months and will
      > normally be held between May 1, 2001 and September 30, 2001. STIPEND:
      > $4,000
      > INQUIRIES: 202/606-8200 or e-mail: stipends@...
      > PURPOSE AND SCOPE: The Summer Stipends program provides opportunities for
      > individuals to pursue advanced work in disciplines of the humanities
      > during the summer. Projects proposed for support may contribute to
      > scholarly knowledge or to the general public's understanding of the
      > humanities, and they may address broad topics or consist of research and
      > study in a single field.
      > ELIGIBILITY: Applicants need not have advanced degrees, but neither
      > candidates for degrees nor persons seeking support for work toward a
      > degree are eligible to apply for Summer Stipends. Persons who have held a
      > major fellowship or research grant or its equivalent during the 1998-99
      > academic year or during subsequent academic years are ineligible for
      > Summer Stipends. (A "major fellowship or research grant" is a postdoctoral
      > award that provides support for a continuous period of time equal to at
      > least one term of the academic year; that enables the recipient to pursue
      > scholarly research, personal study, professional development, or writing;
      > that provides a stipend of at least $10,000; and that comes from sources
      > other than the recipient's employing institution. Sabbaticals and grants
      > from a person's own institution are not considered major fellowships.)
      > Beginning in 2001, Summer Stipends recipients may hold other small
      > research grants for the same project during the tenure of their awards,
      > but they must devote full time to their Summer Stipends research for the
      > two months of their grant tenure.
      > SELECTION PROCEDURES: Reviewers consider the significance of the proposed
      > project to the humanities, the quality of the applicant's work, the
      > conception and description of the project, and the likelihood that the
      > work will be accomplished.
      > For further information and application materials, persons interested in
      > these programs can use the telephone number and e-mail address provided
      > above, or they can write to: NEH Summer Stipends, Room 318, National
      > Endowment for the Humanities, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington,
      > D.C. 20506. All applications must be postmarked on or before October 2
      > (this year, October 1 is a Sunday).
      > Please note that the NEH does not accept applications submitted by FAX or
      > e-mail.
      > Information on NEH programs is also available at http://www.neh.gov
      >                                       DISTRIBUTE WIDELY!!

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