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FW: Harvard Scientific Archaeology position (fwd)

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      FW: Harvard Scientific Archaeology position (fwd)

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      Subject: Harvard Scientific Archaeology position (fwd)

      This wandered by. Sorry if you have already seen it.  Hugh

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      Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 17:16:46 +0100
      From: Mark Nesbitt

      This post doesn't seem to have been widely publicised - I came
      across it on the AEA's (very well) redesigned site



      Harvard University Peabody Museum and Anthropology Department
      seek applicants for a tenured or tenure-track position in Scientific
      Archaeology (rank and specializations open). Applicants should
      have well-established archaeological interests and be scientists
      with active research programs. In addition to pursuing her/his own
      research, the appointee will be encouraged to develop and direct a
      laboratory engaging in varied applications of the natural sciences to
      archaeological problems.

      Women and minority group candidates are especially encouraged
      to apply.

      Send detailed vita to Chairman, Department of Anthropology,
      Harvard University, Cambridge MA 02138 by 1, September, 2000.


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