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FW: Study Tour to Turkey in March, Applications Due Friday, Jan. 14

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  • dianne.chidester@gvltec.edu
    The deadline is 01/14/11, but I thought I d still send it on. - Dianne ChidesterFrom: Melinda McClimans [mailto:mcclimans.2@osu.edu] Sent: Thursday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2011
      The deadline is 01/14/11, but I thought I'd still send it on. - Dianne

      From: Melinda McClimans [mailto:mcclimans.2@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 5:19 PM
      To: Melinda McClimans
      Subject: Study Tour to Turkey in March, Applications Due Friday, Jan. 14

      A Study Tour in Turkey 2011

      Description: A group of professors, classroom teachers (K-16), and
      teacher educators will study Turkey, travel to Turkey and connect with
      colleagues at universities and schools in Turkey. Pre-departure, study,
      preparation and orientation will be provided by the Director and
      Assistant Director of Middle East Studies Center. MESC will provide
      compensation for the preparation of instructional materials during and
      after the trip, with support from its Title VI grant authorities. These
      products will be used for educating students (K-16) about Turkey.

      Rationale: Global education in general, and studies of peoples and
      cultures in the "Middle East," or West Asia/North Africa, both suffer
      from a lack of productive academic and cultural exchange of perspectives
      and ideas from diverse areas of the world. In addition, global
      connections in the classroom, whether by way of technology or through
      actual visits, are beginning to be more widespread. In creating a
      transnational community, avenues may be opened up which would allow
      continuity for these connections, and more opportunities to gain
      intercultural awareness. In addition, ways for exchanging and sharing
      substantive, accurate knowledge about geopolitics of Turkey in the 21st
      century will provide teachers content they need for more inclusive
      global education.

      Tentative details:

      * group will be approximately 15

      * dates March 17-26, 2011

      * costs will be largely subsidized by the sponsors (see below) -
      the intention is to support in-country costs (lodging, transport), and
      perhaps some of the international travel

      * itinerary will include Istanbul and Ankara

      Deadline for Application: Friday, January 14th

      Contact: Melinda McClimans, Assistant Director of the Middle East
      Studies Center, mcclimans.2@... 614-292-6506

      Application materials:

      A single page, 12 pt. font, statement of purpose, including your
      international and/or domestic intercultural experiences - why would you
      like to participate? How would you contribute to the purpose of the

      An additional page answering the following:

      * If accepted, could you come between March 18-27?

      * What amount would you consider reasonable/affordable for the


      * Travel Journal and/or blog

      * Creating teaching ideas, instructional materials or lesson
      plans about Turkey during the trip and posting them online.

      Initial Goals: To build a community of educators in Turkey and the
      United States, and by sharing our experience and knowledge, create
      teaching resources for K-16 education and beyond.

      To identify a set of shared academic and social goals within the realm
      of global education.

      Academic focus: Geopolitics of Turkey in the 21st Century and its
      application for Global Education.

      Desired outcomes:

      * Instructional Materials on Turkey, for K-16 and the community
      at large.

      * A transnational partnership between Turkish and American
      teachers and teacher educators, inclusive of study tours, online
      communication, and continuous collaboration.

      * Regular study tours in Turkey for teachers, graduate students
      of education, and possibly undergraduates.

      * Online platforms for communication focused on the projects of
      this partnership, and for building community online.

      Participant roles: There will be three types of participants in this
      trip to Turkey: teachers; teacher educators; and scholars. Many
      participants will fall into more than one, or perhaps all three,

      Scholars who can teach about:

      World History, Current Developments in International Relations related
      to Turkey, Global Education, Multicultural Education, The Arts,
      Technology in Teaching, and related fields.

      Teachers who:

      * have had extensive experience abroad, or domestic
      intercultural experience.

      * are currently teaching about the world and perspectives from
      diverse local contexts.

      * use technology to connect to classrooms around the world.

      Teacher Educators who have experience:

      * training teachers about particular world regions

      * cultivating intercultural experiential learning opportunities

      * online systems for communication, collaboration and education

      Sponsorship: The Middle East Studies Center <http://mesc.osu.edu/> at
      the Ohio State University would like to thank the Niagara foundation
      <http://www.niagarafoundation.org/> for sponsoring most of the costs of
      this trip and for their partnership in this project. The Middle East
      Studies Center is supporting the creation of instructional materials for
      this trip by providing participants with a modest stipend.


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