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FW: Studies on Man - One Recent Title (fwd)

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      FW: Studies on Man - One Recent Title (fwd)

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      Subject: Studies on Man - One Recent Title (fwd)

      Another book from India. Details below.  Hugh

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      Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 09:12:44 +0500
      From: k.k.agencies <kkagen@...>

      Here is a great work, just published, which could be of interest to you.

      We have a **special discounted price shown in our offer against 'Your
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      Bhasin, M. K.,
      Studies on Man : Issues and Challenges / Edited by M. K. Bhasin.  1st ed.
      Delhi, Kamla-Raj Enterprises.  2000.  xii, 318 p. ills. maps. 25 cm.
      List Price: $ 50        Your Price: $ 45
      ISBN: 8185264244                KK-10933

      Consisting of twenty three - papaers contributed by faculty members of the
      Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, this book
      documents the enourmous diversity and varied aspects of anthropological
      research in India. Each dealing with a specific domain, these articles are
      integrated by the fact that they address to the issues and challanges
      confronting contemporary human populations. Not only does this book mirror
      the anthropological researches in one of the premier Anthropology
      Department in India, but also advances several theoretical and
      methodological dimensions of current interst.

      Preface / Indera P. Singh
      1. Behavioural Determinants of Rhesus Monkeys / Praveen Kumar Seth
      2. Anthropology in Prehistoric Archaeology: The Indian Scene / D. K.
      3. 'Writing' in Space : An Interpretation of Prehistoric Mortuary Practices
      in the Central Ganga Valley / Indrani Chattopadhyaya
      4. Biology of Castes and Tribes of India : Genetic Markers-Colour Blindness
      and Taste Sensitivity / M. K. Bhasin
      5. Demogenetic Diversity : Kashmiri Pandits in Retrospect and Their
      Socio-biological Diversity / A. K. Kalla
      6. Human Adaptation to High Altitude : Body Proportion Analysis Using
      Phantom Model / S. L. Malik
      7. Body Composition and Adaptation : Variations in Relative Fatness and
      Regional Distribution of Body Fat at High Altitude and in Plains: A Study
      on Adult Females / Satwanti Kapoor
      8. Bio-Statistical Approaches : Origin and the Parental Affinities of the
      Populations / Gautam Kumar Kshatriya
      9. Human Population Genetics : Genetic Affinity Among Caste and Tribal
      Populations of India / A. K. Kapoor
      10. Human Genetics: Multiple Births : Twins, Rare Type of Twins, Siamese
      Twins, Super Twins and Multiple Births / H. K. Kumbnani
      11. Serum Proteins and Diseases : A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach /
      Swadesh Seth
      12. Dermatoglyphics and Diseases : Finger-ball Dermatoglyphics and primary
      (Idiopathic) Generalised Epilepsy / P. R. Mondal
      13. Applied Biological Anthropology : Reconstruction of Tibial Length and
      Stature from Fragmentary Dimensions / Surinder Nath
      14. Forensic Biochemical Anthropology : Genetic Markers in Blood and Semen
      Stains / M. P. Sachdeva
      15. DNA Damage and Cancer : Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Betel and Tobacco
      Chewers and Tobacco Smokers / P. K. Ghosh
      16. Socio-cultural Adaptations in Cold Deserts / Veena Bhasin
      17. Environment Ecology and Culture Paradigms : Case of Ladakhi Tribe / R.
      S. Mann
      18. Cultural Homogeneity and Economic Disparity : A Case of Discriminatory
      Approach in Social Transformation / J. S. Bhandari
      19. The Emergence of an Ethnic Identity : The Case Study of the "Gorkhali"
      of Garhwal, Uttar Pradesh / Subhadra Mitra Channa
      20. Islamization and Muslim Identity : The Case of Meos / I. S. Marwah
      21. Dharma and Karma : Dharma: Purity and Pollution, Karma: Pun and Pap /
      V. C. Channa
      22. Social Anthropology of Pastoral Nomads : The Raika Jati and Its Dharmic
      Order / Vinay Kumar Srivastava
      23. Tribe and Displacement : Social Implications of Rehabilitation / S. M.


      M. K. Bhasin is Professor and Head, Department of Anthropology, University
      of Delhi, Delhi.


      Price indicated is in US dollars.

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      New Delhi-110015 / India                  Phone: (+0091/11)5465925

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