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FW: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Sunday July 30, 2000

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      FW: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Sunday July 30, 2000

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      From: Anita Cohen-Williams [mailto:sdpresidio@...]
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      Subject: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Sunday July 30, 2000

      >Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 16:25:08 -0700
      >Southwestern Archaeology, Inc. (SWA)
      >"Got CALICHE?" Newsletter
      >Sunday July 30, 2000
      >http://www.cia-g.com/~gallpind/todaysnews.html#anchor6 The New Mexico Route
      >66 Association plans a memorial to the men and women who built The Mother
      >Road, which still has an impact on our culture, history, and economy. They
      >are collecting names and occupations, and want to include everyone who
      >deserves to be honored. If you know of anyone who worked on Route 66 in New
      >Mexico between 1926 and 1959, please share. Leave us a message at
      >505-294-1193, e-mail us at mosue66@..., or write 8120 Princess Jeanne
      >NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87110.
      >http://www.sfnewmexican.com/arts/index.las The sweep of Western and pioneer
      >history is still visible in the many residences and commercial buildings
      >preserved in Las Vegas today. With over 900 buildings on the National
      >Register of Historic Places, the city encompasses several distinct historic
      >districts including Plaza/Bridge Street, Old Town Residential, the Railroad
      >District and El Distrito de las Escuelas.
      >http://www.denverpost.com:80/news/fire0730a.htm With officials completing
      >full containment of the blaze this weekend, people soon will be coming back
      >- in about two weeks, according to the latest estimates. When they get
      >here, they'll drive through miles of charred earth on the park's access
      >road, but they'll find the major ruins untouched.
      >http://insidedenver.com:80/carroll/0730carro.shtml The skeptical or even
      >hostile reaction reflects in part what anthropologist Lawrence H. Keeley
      >has described as a concerted effort by archaeologists and prehistorians to
      >'pacify' the past. More specifically, negative reaction reflects a
      >widespread desire to sanitize and romanticize Native American cultures no
      >matter what the cost to truth, the willingness of science to downplay or
      >even suppress awkward or disturbing news.
      >http://www.sltrib.com:80/07292000/utah/7653.htm There are 11 schools on the
      >Utah Heritage Foundation's endangered list.
      >SWA invites you to redistribute SWA's "Got CALICHE?" newsletter.
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