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FW: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Monday July 31, 2000

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      FW: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Monday July 31, 2000

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      From: Anita Cohen-Williams [mailto:sdpresidio@...]
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      Subject: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Monday July 31, 2000

      >Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 07:43:52 -0700
      >Subject: SWA's " Got CALICHE? " Newsletter, Monday July 31, 2000
      >Southwestern Archaeology, Inc. (SWA)

      >"Got CALICHE?" Newsletter
      >Monday July 31, 2000
      >http://www.azstarnet.com/public/dnews/000731FOX.html The Fox Tucson Theatre
      >Foundation begins its restoration of a 71-year-old downtown theater, funded
      >by the Mayor's Office and the Southwestern Foundation for Education and
      >Historic Preservation.
      >From: GROUP PRESS 202-260-4355 [SMTP:PRESS@...] The Federal
      >Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice is holding a two-day
      >meeting on Aug. 3-4 to address environmental justice issues relating to
      >Native American and Alaska Native Tribes. The meeting will provide a
      >national forum to discuss issues including: responsibilities of the federal
      >government, and the states; and tribal governments and implications of
      >environmental justice for industrial development. Participants in the
      >workshop will include representatives from tribal governments, tribal
      >community-based organizations, inter-tribal organizations, federal and
      >state government organizations and industry representatives. Federal
      >agencies supporting the workshop are:  EPA, the Department of Energy, the
      >Department of Interior, the Department of Health and Human Services, the
      >Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Defense and
      >the Department of Agriculture. The meeting will be at the Southwestern
      >Indian Polytechnic Institute, 9169 Coors Rd. N.W., Albuquerque, N.M., from
      >9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To obtain more information and to register, contact
      >Derrick Watchman at 202-586-0211 or Jessica Alcorn at 202-586-0798.
      >http://insidedenver.com:80/news/0731trib7.shtml Indian firefighters rebury
      >bones and pottery shards unearthed by the fire in knowing disregard of the
      >Native American Grave Repatriation Act, with its bureaucratic procedures
      >for claiming and reinterring remains. They reburied bones, and didn't tell
      >the archaeologists.
      >http://insidedenver.com:80/news/0731home6.shtml A historic farm homestead
      >will remind of the agrarian past. The farmhouse, barns, garages, silos and
      >corrals were built between 1881 and 1909 and have undergone little
      >alteration since. The center will be designed to showcase a farm between
      >1900 and 1935.
      >Anthropologists have a long tradition of using films to document
      >cultures, but as technology has made the equipment affordable and the
      >images easy to edit, filmmaking is becoming a more common component of
      >anthropological study. The challenges anthropologists always face in the
      >field: the difficulty of gaining access, building trust and getting people
      >to act naturally when they know they are being observed.
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