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FW: 4/12/99 Daily Report from ACADEME TODAY

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      Academe Today's DAILY REPORT
      for subscribers of The Chronicle of Higher Education

      Good day!
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      * GOV. GRAY DAVIS of California said Thursday that he plans to make
      community service a graduation requirement for students at the state's
      public universities and community colleges.

      * SOME LIBRARIANS and university-press officials say "netLibrary"-a
      commercial venture to sell electronic books to university libraries-is the
      most promising experiment with e-books yet. But even its supporters aren't
      sure if the idea will catch on with library patrons.
      * IT'S HARD ENOUGH to hold the attention of students in a classroom,
      where professors can see who's dozing, doodling, or otherwise drifting. How
      are professors piquing students' interest on line, where countless
      distractions lie just a click away?
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