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FW: Great Opportunity to Highlight SL in Community Colleges

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  • Lewine, Mark
    From: Gloria Schoonover [mailto:schoonover@mesacc.edu] Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:27 AM To: Gloria Schoonover Subject: Great Opportunity to
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      From: Gloria Schoonover [mailto:schoonover@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:27 AM
      To: 'Gloria Schoonover'
      Subject: Great Opportunity to Highlight SL in Community Colleges

      Forwarded by request.


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      Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 15:24:57 -0700

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      Subject: [he-sl] great opportunity to highlight sl in community colleges

      Dear colleagues,

      Information about the October 5, 2010 White House Summit on Community
      Colleges is now online (and includes mention of our own Lorain County
      Community College in its promotional video). In addition to the summit
      itself, the conveners are offering a range of ways to participate:

      * Submit a Video <http://www.youtube.com/whitehouse> . How has
      the community college experience affected your life? Please let us know
      by submitting your stories via YouTube
      <http://www.youtube.com/whitehouse#p/u/0/H1ktW2h0w7M> or our webform
      r-life> .
      * Join the Dialogue <http://communitycollege.ideascale.com/> .
      We've set up an online dialogue <http://communitycollege.ideascale.com/>
      to bring together community college administrators, students and
      stakeholders from around the country to discuss these ideas.
      * Plan an Event. You can host a group or watch the live webcast
      of the plenary session of the summit on October 5. Much of the day's
      content will be available online here at whitehouse.gov, and it will be
      a unique opportunity to be a part of this important and ongoing

      Let's inundate them with our stories of the great impacts
      service-learning is having in community colleges. And, while you're at
      it, be sure to send any and all stories you share with them my way too
      so I can do the same on the Clearinghouse site.




      Liberty Smith, Ph.D.

      Associate Director

      National Service-Learning Clearinghouse &

      National Service Resources and Training

      Toll-free 866-245-7378, ext. 139

      Fax 831-430-9471


      www.servicelearning.org <http://www.servicelearning.org/>


      Follow us on Twitter: @NSLC <http://twitter.com/nslc>

      & Check out our new youth engagement space: YouthSITE

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