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FW: [Wac] Seeking Archaeologists in the Sacramento Area Who Work with Teachers

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  • Kaupp, Ann
    For a panel at SAA s meeting next year. ________________________________________ From: wac-bounces@flinders.edu.au [wac-bounces@flinders.edu.au] On Behalf Of
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      For a panel at SAA's meeting next year.

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      Subject: [Wac] Seeking Archaeologists in the Sacramento Area Who Work with Teachers

      Dear WAC members,

      I am looking for some help on a discussion forum I am co-organizing
      with Marcia Bezerra (Universidade Federal do ParĂ¡, Brasil) for next
      year's Society for American Archaeology meeting in Sacramento. The
      forum is focused on issues related to public outreach, archaeology, the
      politics of education, and working with schools and educators. We are
      inviting scholars who are involved in education projects throughout the
      US and internationally to discuss their experiences with schools. We
      want the panel to address the issues and challenges archaeologists face
      when working with schools as well as issues and challenges that schools
      face that can complicate public archaeology projects. Ideally we are
      hoping to involve some teachers in the panel, but are concerned that it
      will be difficult to get teachers to travel to the conference. I am
      looking for archaeologists in the Sacramento area who work with
      teachers on public outreach projects. We hope to have at least one
      teacher participate in the discussion forum. So if you know of any
      teachers who might be interested in participating in the forum please
      let me know.

      Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.


      Alicia McGill

      Alicia Ebbitt McGill, ABD
      Indiana University
      Anthropology Department
      Archaeology and Social Context Program
      Email: aebbitt@...
      Home Phone: 812-333-6539

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