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FW: Call for papers - History and Anthropology

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      FW: Call for papers - History and Anthropology

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      Subject: Call for papers - History and Anthropology

      Please read and circulate.

                                                  FROM HARWOOD ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                           (Part of the Gordon and Breach
      Publishing Group)



      The new Editor of History and Anthropology, Dr. Paul Sant Cassia would like
      to invite you to submit a paper to this well regarded journal. Now beginning
      its 12th Volume Block , this journal will continue to publish  papers of
      interest to the wide audience of those interested in anthropology, history
      and discourse.

      Aims and Scope  

      History and Anthropology will continue to address the intersection of
      history and social sciences, but in its new format will focus more closely
      on the interchange between anthropologically-informed history,
      historically-informed anthropology, and the history of ethnographic and
      anthropological representation. It is now widely perceived that the formerly
      dominant ahistorical perspectives within anthropology severely restricted
      interpretation and analyses. Much recent work has therefore been concerned
      with social change and colonial history and the traditional problems, like
      symbolism, have been rethought in historical terms.

      History and Anthropology aims to publish articles which develop these
      concerns, and is particularly interested in linking new substantive analyses
      with critical perspectives on anthropological discourse. The journal will
      publish studies of: economic, religious and linguistic change: European and
      non-European colonial systems: transformations of art and material culture:
      gender in history and culture: encounters with and images of "others": the
      influence of anthropological representations upon indigenous consciousness
      and culture: the various contributions of anthropology to colonial practice:
      and the development of ethnological and anthropological ideas and
      investigative techniques.

      The editor therefore welcomes regional and thematic studies oriented towards
      wider analytic or critical issues. All papers should be aimed at the wider
      group of those interested in anthropology, history and discourse, rather
      thansubdisciplinary traditions: articles concerned with particular
      geographic regions or debates should therefore not presume prior knowledge
      of the area.

      Editorial Board     
      Marc Augé Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France
      Clifford Geertz Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University, USA
      Johannes Fabian University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      James Clifford University of California,Santa Cruz, USA
      Jean Comaroff University of Chicago, USA
      Bernard Cohn  University of Chicago, USA
      Stephen Bahn  University of Kent, UK
      Carlo Ginzburg University of Bologna, Italy
      Michael Gilsenan Magdalen College, Oxford, UK
      Tsvetan Todorov M.S.N.R.C, Paris, France
      Natalie Zemon Davis Princeton University, USA
      Geoffrey Lloyd  Darwin College, Cambridge, UK

      Paper submission
      Papers should be sent  as manuscript copy and disk ( or e-mail attachment ?)
      to Dr. Paul Sant-Cassia at the following address:

      Dr. Paul Sant-Cassia
      Department of Anthropology
      University of Durham
      43, Old Elvet
      DH1 3HN
      E-mail: paul.sant-cassia@...

      Submissions should be typed with double spacing and wide margins ( 3 cm )
      and ( if sent in manuscript form) printed on one side of each page only.
      A Selection of Papers

      Power matters: The Politics of Culture in German Folklore Scholarship Uli
      Linke (9/1)
      Nicolai Nicolayevich Miklouho-Maclay or the dilemma of the ethnographer in a
      pre-colonial situation Justin Stagl (9/2-3)
      Simultaneous Genealogy and Andean Languages Claudette Kemper Columbus (9/4)
      Who taught Marx, Engels and Morgan about Australian Aborigines Matthew
      Spriggs (10/2-3)

      Kinship and the Embodiment of History Gabriele vom Bruck (10/4)
      Don Alésu's Quest: The Mythohistorical Origins of the Rajadom of Sikka E.D
      Lewis (11/1)
      The Past in the Present: India as Museum of Mankind  Bernard S. Cohn (11/1)
      Samurai Darwinism: Hiroyuki Kato and the Reception of Darwin's Theory in
      Modern Japan from the 1880s to the 1990s Hiroshi Unoura (11/2-3)
      An Untimely Divorce: Western Medicine and Anthropology in Melanesia Donald
      Denoon (11/2-3)
      Academic Recognition: Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict and Sexual Secrecy Lee
      Wallace (11/4)  

      Forthcoming Papers -  Issue 12/1 2000
      The Image of Savagery in the Face of  War : Thinking Anthropologically about
      Violence and Civilisation, 1871-1930  Erik Brandt
      "Better Occasional Murders than Frequent Adulteries": Banditry, Violence and
      Sacrifice in the Mediterranean Paul Sant Cassia
      Captain Cook and the Roots of Precedence in Tonga: "Leading" and "Following"
      as Naturalised Concepts Arne Aleksej Perminow
      Reading South Pacific: Colonialism and Anthropology in an Australian Journal
      George D. Westermark
      Women Anthropologists in the Arab World: Recognizing the Pioneers Willy
      "Of Monsters and Fossils: the Making of Malvina Hoffman's Hall of the Races
      of Mankind" Jeff Rosen   

      Subscription Information
      Please contact your nearest office to receive subscription details.

      ISSN: 0275-7206 Volume 12 (2000)

      Europe/Middle East/Africa
      IPD, PO Box 310, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 0TH, Channel Islands Tel: +44  
      118 956 0080 _ Fax: + 44 118 956 8211 _ info@...

      North/South America
      IPD, PO Box 32160, Newark, NJ 07102, USA. Tel: +1 800 545 8398 _ Fax: +1  
      215 750 6343 _ info@...

      International Publishers Distributor, Kent Ridge, PO Box 1180, Singapore  
      911106 Tel: +65 741 6933 _ Fax: +65 741 6922 _ ipdmktg@...

      Australia/New Zealand
      42-44 Chandos Street, St. Leonards, NSW 2085 , Australia  

      YOHAN (Western Publications Distribution Agency), 3-14-9, Okubo,  
      Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan Tel: +81 3 3208 0186 _ Fax: +81 3 3208  
      5308 _ yohansg@...

      For More Information contact:

      Naomi Chapman
      Harwood Academic Publishers
      PO Box 90
      RG1 8JL

      Em:  naomi.chapman@...
      Fax:  +44 118 9568 211

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