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Re: Plagiarism (Again)-Some students simply don't comprehend....

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  • George Thomas
    This gives me an (inadequate) idea -- The facility where I teach has that aforementioned inadequate library.  Why not survey what the library actually has,
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      This gives me an (inadequate) idea -- The "facility" where I teach has that aforementioned inadequate library.  Why not survey what the library actually has, get some idea as to what topics might survive the use of that library in student "research", and assign tiny, structured papers not necessarily on topics in anthropology.  (The fact that it's sometimes hard to find a topic without anthropological relevance might be instructive).  Even in such a case I might find that there are barriers to use.  But the up-side would be some exposure to (1) get biblio from library, (2) organize ideas, (3) write, and (4) gain experience going through motions.
      Some discussion at SACC-Fests on ways to structure written assignments could be interesting.
      On the other hand, as someone pointed out earlier, much of what students need was failed them in early elementary school/middle school.
      There have been a few students who appeared to have genuine interest, potential, and even a writing background, so it's not unheard-of for me to stay in this position for a while.  A while longer will lead me to conclude whether this position and its experimental (?) potential is worth it to me.  Soon... perhaps an application or two....  I could find that my grasp of modern research materials has atrophied.  Computers of course, library facilities, and sometimes even appropriate anthro movies have been nixed. 
      Oh well........:-)
      Re: Plagiarism (Again)-Some students simply don'tcomprehend....
          Posted by: "Dianne C" dianneky@... metkalmetkal
          Date: Fri Aug 6, 2010 2:55 pm ((PDT))

      One of my colleagues gave an interesting assignment.  They had to choose a topic from the text, then choose a reference to research.  They had to start with the bibliography of the textbook; find the article, journal, whatever; read the article; and write a brief summary of the article and compare their summary to what was in the text.  She said it went well but that the librarians asked for warning the next time.  A lot of the students ended up in the library asking for help in searching for the article.  (credit to Dr. Elizabeth Purcell)

      --Dianne Chidester

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      > Subject: Re: [SACC-L] Re: Plagiarism (Again)-Some students simply don'tcomprehend....
      > In addition, a rhetorical analysis is a powerful tool, because it
      > emphasizes paying critical attention to the context of the information
      > -- who publishes it, for whom, what (if any) is the mission of the
      > publication or its sponsoring organization, how is the material
      > organized, presented, verified, and so on.
      > This source is not bad:
      > http://www.writingcentre.ubc.ca/workshop/tools/rhet1.htm
      > Anj
      > On 2010-08-06 11:28, Deborah Shepherd wrote:
      > > Creating a bibliography a really good assignment in lieu of a term paper.
      > >
      > > Being critical about sources is a hard concept for some of my students. Or else, if the topic offends their religious beliefs in any way, they want to reject every source that doesn't agree with their views.
      > >
      > > I always tell my students that when doing research, finding your bibliography and using it is more than half the work. For me, it's at least 80% of the work. Once you know what you will be writing about, the writing is the easy part. Writing is only hard when you don't know what you want to communicate. I see many shocked faces when I say such things.  :)
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      > > I also assign very structured papers that cannot simply be purchased or "borrowed" from a fellow student. In my honors class I have the students select a topic randomly and produce an annotated bibliography and a short abstract. The focus is on research skills and an introduction to the anthropology literature. The major challenge is to show them that there is a lot of cr*p on the Internet. I try to teach them how to distinguish good from bad information. They seem to feel that if it is on the Internet or published in a book is must be good information.
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      > > From: Deborah Shepherd<deborah.shepherd@...<mailto:deborah.shepherd%40anokaramsey.edu>>
      > > Subject: RE: [SACC-L] Re: Plagiarism (Again)-Some students simply don'tcomprehend....
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      > > Date: Thursday, August 5, 2010, 4:43 PM
      > >
      > > I think standard term papers are over-rated unless someone is planning on going to graduate school. Some students can write them already, but others simply don't know where to begin. I like to create more intricate though regimented assignments, still involving some research, where students know from the outset that there is nothing out there that they can copy or buy which will earn them any points. What I assign teaches them, I hope and intend, how to begin. Those students who do know how to do it still get a meaningful assignment. The others are ready for the next step and might even write a term paper of their own down the road. At least, I don't find nearly as many attempts at cheating as I used to find.
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      > > Deborah
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      > > If we don't teach them, who will?
      > >
      > > Bob
      > >
      > >   
      > >>>> Deborah Shepherd<deborah.shepherd@...<mailto:deborah.shepherd%40anokaramsey.edu><mailto:deborah.shepherd%40anokaramsey.edu>>  08/05/10 11:36
      > >>>>         
      > > AM>>>
      > > I find that it is no longer possible to assign term papers, and I do
      > > change up my essay questions on tests every year.
      > >
      > > I think part of the problem is that K-12 teachers no longer have the
      > > time allotted in their curriculum to teach the early stages of research,
      > > assimilation of ideas, and original writing. By the time the student
      > > gets to college, the whole concept is way too intimidating for some of
      > > them. They will spend more time and even money attempting to cheat than
      > > make the effort to do their own work because they are afraid of
      > > attempting the process. Perhaps they are even convinced by this time
      > > that they can't do it.
      > >
      > > Deborah
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      > > Subject: Re: [SACC-L] Re: Plagiarism (Again)-Some students simply don't
      > > comprehend....
      > >
      > > George--
      > >
      > > I've also wondered if any of my quizzes/midterm/final exams are part of
      > > "student body files"...
      > >
      > > This past summer school session, I had five or six term papers (out of
      > > 35)
      > > submitted that were for the most part copied, and without any
      > > citations...I
      > > usually like to give a student another chance to do something the right
      > > way
      > > instead of awarding a lower grade, but even after given this chance,
      > > three
      > > of them still submitted more or less the same term paper previously
      > > submitted...
      > >
      > > Thank you for all your thoughts...
      > >

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