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FW: Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions of Himalaya s (fwd)

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      FW: Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions of Himalayas (fwd)

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      Subject: Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions of Himalayas

      Latest book from India. Details below.  Hugh

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      Subject: Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions of Himalayas  -One
          Recent Title

      Here is an enduring work, just published, which could be of interest to you.

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                                   The Title


      Kashyap, P. C.,
      Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions of Himalayas / P. C.
      Kashyap.  1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan.  2000.  xviii, 221 p. ills.
      (col.). maps. 25 cm.
      List Price: $ 80        Your Price: $ 72
      ISBN: 8177020048                KK-10938


      History of a people is the story of their culture. Traditions are as
      relevant to it as any inscribed or excavated testimony. India's ancient
      past is seen exclusively in relation to Indo-Gangetic plains and Himalaya
      is dismissed as an inconsequential borderland. Dr. Kashyap's study shows
      that it is precisely this great mountain that has been the cradle and the
      most creative workshop of Indian culture. Preserved in its hoary fairs and
      rituals are pre-Rigvedic and early-Rigvedic traditions which open up an
      entirely new vista for a reappraisal of ancient India. In them we find
      history unfold itself and culture evolve over countless years into a great
      urban civilisation. They bring us face to face with living proof of
      continuity of Indian culture, help outline its chronology and sort out
      Vedic-Harappan tangle. The author leads us to an amazing panorama. We see
      Indra and Vrtra in mortal conflict over possession of fire and control over
      water and also the birth of a multi-dimensional universal myth. We meet
      people called Sisnadevah and the ones deified as Maruts. We witness
      Purusamedha performed in settlements of Harappan immigrants. We come across
      gods responding to polite invitations and urgent summons of their devotees;
      join them in Sura Soma drinking sessions and sumptuous feasts. We enjoy
      their company on hazardous journeys along banks of the Saptsindhus to reach
      (Arabian) sea and across high ridges and passes to shake hands with
      neighbours in Iran and Central Asia.


           i) The Himalayan Sapt-Sindhu Region
          ii) Probable Origin of Rigvedic River Sarasvati
         iii) Sthanas and Theris, The Harappan Settlements in Himalaya

      1. Buddhi Diyaudi : The Indra-Vrtra Legend
      2. Jhiru : The Sisnadevah Show
      3. Bhunda : The Naramedha
      4. Khasas : The Vedic Maruts
      5. Himalayan Pantheon
      6. Conclusion


      Dr. P. C. Kashyap, noted ethnoarchaeologist, folklorist, journalist is a
      student of ancient India. He specialises in life and culture of the


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