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FW: 7/3/2000 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      FW: 7/3/2000 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      Subject: 7/3/2000 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

      The Chronicle of Higher Education's
      Weekly Report on COMMUNITY COLLEGES

      Here is news of interest to community colleges from our July 7
      issue. The page numbers refer to that issue, and the Web
      addresses refer to the online versions of the articles.


      *  BORDERLINE BEHAVIOR ON THE CAMPUS: At community colleges with
         open-access policies, says Kevin Drumm, students who appear to
         be mentally disturbed present a dilemma: whose rights to
         protect first? The author is vice president for enrollment
         management and student affairs at Springfield Technical
         Community College (Mass.): B7
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44b00701.htm

      *  NEW ROLE FOR ACCREDITORS: The regional agencies that review
         colleges are revamping their policies to emphasize how
         students learn: A29
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a02901.htm

      *  KAPLAN'S GROWING REACH: The test-preparation company said it
         planned to buy Quest, the owner of a chain of 30 commercial
         colleges specializing in business, information technology, and
         health care: A32
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a03201.htm

      *  A BOOM IN STUDENTS: The University of Phoenix reported that
         its enrollment grew 22 percent both on land and online: A29
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a02903.htm

      *  HAMMERING THE EDUCATION PLANK: Among college leaders, long
         part of the Democratic constituency, support for Vice
         President Al Gore's candidacy is less than enthusiastic, while
         Gov. George W. Bush is saying all the right things: A27
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a02701.htm

      *  OPTIMISM ON DISTANCE LEARNING: A survey of college faculty
         members in the National Education Association found that they
         are generally enthusiastic about online courses: A35
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a03501.htm


      *  FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES have put an entrepreneur's $100-million
         "Internet university" on hold: A33
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a03302.htm

      *  MORE LIBERAL-ARTS COLLEGES are joining forces to use the
         Internet to expand course offerings: A33
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a03301.htm

      *  AS DISTANCE EDUCATION HAS GROWN, so has the number of printed
         guides for prospective students: A37
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a03703.htm

      *  BY DUMPING REMEDIATION and open admissions, new leaders at the
         City University of New York hope to return City College to its
         glory days: A24
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v46/i44/44a02401.htm


      Our Career Network has 102 positions available at two-year
      colleges, from the pages of The Chronicle.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/jobs/cc

      You can find all of The Chronicle's community-college news on our
      special Web page just for community colleges at:

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      home page at:

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