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FW: NEH Consultation Grants

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      FW: NEH Consultation Grants

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      Subject: NEH Consultation Grants

      NEH Consultation Grants

      A new category of grants is available from the National Endowment for the
      Humanities to support the development of public humanities programs.
      Consultation Grants will be awarded in the early stages of a project, to
      allow collaboration with scholars and other advisers who can help to develop
      or deepen the project's humanities themes and content.  Competition is open
      to museums, historic sites and historical societies, public television and
      radio stations, independent media producers, libraries, and other non-profit

      The maximum award is $10,000.

      Preference will be given to first-time grant recipients.  Special
      consideration will also be given to applicants from the following 14 states
      and Puerto Rico, which have been underserved by NEH awards:

      Alabama                 Missouri                Oklahoma

      Alaska                  Montana         Puerto Rico

      Florida                 Nevada          Texas

      Idaho                   North Dakota            Washington

      Louisiana               Ohio                    Wyoming

      Examples of situations in which a Consultation Grant might be helpful:

      *       A historic site wants to broaden its local focus by exploring larger
      themes in the history of the area or region.  The staff needs to consult
      with historians and professionals from other historic houses and museums to
      help shape a new interpretation for the public.

      *       A museum is interested in improving the ways in which its
      collections are used to communicate ideas to the general public.  The staff
      wants to bring in a team of scholars, museum curators and educators to help
      develop workable humanities themes and strategies for interpreting those
      themes for visitors.

      Deadlines:      September 11, 2000
                      April 16, 2001

      For guidelines or more information, please contact:

      Division of Public Programs
      phone: 202-606-8267
      email:   publicpgms@...
      Visit the NEH website: http://www.neh.gov

      Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe
      Summer Fellow
      National Endowment for the Humanities
      Division of Public Programs
      (202) 606-8246

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