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FW: Australasian Archaeometry Conference 2001 (fwd)

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      FW: Australasian Archaeometry Conference 2001 (fwd)

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      Subject: Australasian Archaeometry Conference 2001 (fwd)

      FYI, all. Details below. Hugh

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      Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 06:33:41 -0500
      Subject: Australasian Archaeometry Conference 2001

      Australasian Archaeometry Conference 2001

      Australasian Connections and New Directions

      February 5-9th 2001, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand


      The Australasian Archaeometry conference meets every four years. This
      year for the first time the conference will be held outside Australia. In
      1997 this conference was attended by several hundred scholars with
      involvement in the fields of Archaeology, Anthropology, Geography,
      Conservation, Museology, Material Science and Applied Nuclear Science
      (e.g. dating, materials analysis etc).

      Some topics covered at past conferences included advances in dating
      (14C, TL, OSL, OHD), bone chemistry, technological and provenance studies,
      prospection, environmental impact and geoarchaeology.

      The conference is organized by a Local Organizing Committee which
      extends invitations to a broad range of researchers working in the
      Australasian region and beyond. The main host for 2001 will be the Centre
      for Archaeological Research and Department of Anthropology at the
      University of Auckland in collaboration with a number of other New Zealand
      research centers and academic institutions.

      The theme session for this Symposium will be Issues and Developments in
      Australasian Chronology: New Directions for the New Millennium.


                Part 1: Radiocarbon Dating
                Convenor : Tom Higham (Waikato University, Radiocarbon Lab)
                Part 2: Other Dating Methods
                Convenor : Martin Jones (University of Auckland, CAR)
                part 3: Modelling chronometric data
                Convenor : Geoff Nicholls (University of Auckland, CAR)
           Convenor: Marshal Weisler (University of Auckland, Anthropology)
           Convenor: Peter Sheppard (University of Auckland, Anthropology)
           Convenor: Mark Horrocks (University of Auckland, CAR)
           Convenor: Lisa Matisoo-Smith (University of Auckland, Anthropology)

           Convenor: David Nobes (University of Canterbury, Geology)
         7.Theme: Dating of SE Asia and Oceania including Australia.
           Convenor: Peter Sheppard/Harry Allen (University of Auckland,


         1.Email : archconf@...
         2.Web : http://www.car.auckland.ac.nz/archconf/
         3.Fax : (649) 3737-643
         4.Snail Mail:
                    Australasian Archaeometry Conference
                    Department of Anthropology
                    University of Auckland
                    Private Bag 92019
                    New Zealand

      Registration and Abstract Submission

      Online registration and downloadable registration forms will be made
      available on the Archaeometry Conference Web site during the first week of
      July. This will be announced via email. In order to register interest in
      attending this conference and to be included in the mailing list please
      fill in this form

      Please submit abstracts as plain text according to the following format

           Paragraph 1: Title
           Paragraph 2: Author list (first name last name with a comma between
           each author)
                Academic/institutional affiliation (principal author only)
                Address (principal author only)
                Fax (principal author only)
                Email (principal author only)
           Paragraph 3: Keywords: (please provide up to 5 keywords for this
           Paragraph 4: Abstract text

      Abstract submission via either email (as an attachment or in the body of
      the message) or via an abstract submission form available on the
      Conference Web site is preferred. However if the abstract is submitted
      by mail it must be accompanied by an electronic version on diskette.

      The deadline for abstract submission is October 31, 2000.

      Registration cost is $NZ 150, and is payable by check (made out to
      Archaeometry 2001), international money order or credit card through the
      online registration form.


      The conference proceedings will be published as an edited Monograph in
      the Research Papers in Anthropology and Linguistics series
      ISBN0-9583686-0-0. It is intended that this will appear soon after the
      conference. Accordingly we request that all papers (both oral and poster)
      are accompanied by a completed paper for submission in the Proceedings.

      Venue and Accomodation

      The Conference will be held at The Conference Centre, 22 Symond St,
      University of Auckland. Accommodation bookings and inquiries can be made
      through Paul Collins at

      52 Emily Place
      P.O. Box 4141
      Tel : (649) 3588 213
      Fax : (649) 3588 217
      Mobile 021 621 050
      Email : paulc@...

      Or alternatively at Tourism Auckland


      4 days Feb 5-8, Field Excursion on the final day. Details of Social
      Activities will be announced in October. 3 Sessions per day

      Dr. Peter J. Sheppard
      Deputy Head of Department
      Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
      Dept. of Anthropology
      University of Auckland
      Private Bag 92019
      New Zealand
      Ph 64-9-373-7599 x8572
      Fax 64-9-373-7441

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