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FW: Re: My ling. anth video message

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    There is controversy about whether this is a linguistic (part of anthropological) topic; whether it is or not, the social dynamics of the controversy probably
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      FW: Re: My ling. anth video message

      There is controversy about whether this is a linguistic (part of anthropological) topic;  whether it is or not, the social dynamics of the controversy probably are.....


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       Hello all.

           The following is a forwarded message that's being returned to Andrew Carnie, one of the moderators of the Linguist List. I'd like to add here that the research includes another video tape which is historically significant to my research in that it documents the opening night of WotC Game Center on the Ave.


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      DATE: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 16:47:18
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      Dear Kamal,

      Thank you for your message, and we certainly appreciate your concern.
      However, the linguist list has a strict policy of not posting
      messages with political content.

      I'd like to ask why. Noam chomsky quite vehemenently prtoested against the Vietnam War in the 1960s and this was made a quite public matter in the linguistic community. why is my posting here any different?

       particular "People's
      civil liberties" is a dominant theme of your message. Sorry, it is just
      off topic.

      It is, but due to advancements in Linguistics since 1959 relative to the issue of perlocutionary force in Speech Act theory I don't see why there should be any policy against such a message being posted since it does regard linguistics.

       I also have to say, that I don't agree with you
      that the material you are discussing is sufficiently "linguistic". In
      fact, it appears to me that it is more ethnographic/anthropological, and
      as such should be addressed to lists on those topics.

      I explained why it is linguistic, or at least sociolinguistic in nature, and am sorry that you don't understand that due to the fact people talk during role playing games they can be considered speech events and thus fall under the category of linguistic anthropoligal research when studied out in the field.

      I understand that you are are frustrated and annoyed, but I hope you
      understand that in order to keep a list with over 14,000
      subscribers in line, we have to be *VERY* strict with our
      moderation rules.

      I understand this policy, but just as the policy at the Northgate Mall felt to me had a chilling effect on freedom of speech, I feel this policy does as well.

      Best of luck in getting your video recorder back.


      Andrew Carnie,
      Moderator, Linguist List

      On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Kamal Lombardi wrote:

      > Hello!
      >      I have twice sent in a messsage to the Linguist List regarding an anthropological linguistics related video prject which I was engaged in doing in and around the Northgate Mall and another independent video/film project which I was collecting footage for which might be used in coordination with a screenplay called Burning Chrome. I am a former student of Aaron Fox and John Pemberton, both of whom I believe would see the research I was doing as similar to research I was engaged in pursuing while I was taking their classes involving both the Head space chat group list on Club Wired, a chat discussion site run by Wired Magazine, which focused around looking at the site as a 'speech community' and various research relating to Javanese shadow puppets under John Pemberton. although the ethnographic research I was doing with my video camera, which as it mentions, was stolen, with the tape inside it, while I was inside of the Northgate Mall, it can be considered ethnographic research due to the fact the tapings were of entire gaming events, not merely small interviews and/or sections of the game being played, and thus could be seen in a similar 'light' to tapings of Javanese shadow puppet plays which Pemberton was engaged in while he was doing linguistic anthropological fieldwork in Java, which I have seen because he showed them to his class while I was an undergraduate taking his Island Civilizations of Southeast Asia anthropology class. Both my tapings and his, are of a linguistic nature, because they show 'speech communities' in 'action'. although much of my tape centers around a single individual, Steve Miller, showing him running a game of Ravenloft for wizards of the Coast, Inc. for a group of players at a convention called CONspiracy up in in Mission, B.C., just outside of Vancouver (sort of), as did Pemberton's tape of a single dalang using shadow puppets in an interesting manner because of the active movements he made with them which attracted a lot of attention among the shadow puppet 'doer' and 'watcher' communities which John Pemberton visited while in Indonesia, it is linguistic ethnographic research because it focuses on a single 'speech event'. Now, it is true, that some cover music was played in the background while the taping was being done so that some parts of the actual game itself might be difficult to hear, but this was mainly done to drown out the noise on the tape of a choir who had decided to use the room next door to conduct a musical sing-along session which made it difficult for eveyone in the room we were all in to hear each other. Burning chrome, a screenplay I am working on is also mentioned int he letter I have sent, because of the fact that this footage of Steve Miller might be used in an introductory segment of that film, when and if it ever gets made as an independent film by a subdivision of my gaming company, Aegean Games Inc. called Crosstime Productions. I think seen in this light, my letter and its reasons for being sent to the Linguist List makes much more sense and I hope that since based on these facts, you can see that what's mentioned in the letter, although it has to do with footage that might have been used for other media projects also has to do with linguistic anthropological video research as well, and thus should be posted, especially since although repeated attempts have been made to get the Northgate Mall security staff to look into the matter of my stolen video camera and tape, nothing has been done. Additionally, the letter also adresses issues involving freedom of speech which I felt were important enough to bring up on the list since they effect everyone, involving a two month ban instituted against me by the Northgate Mall security staff merely because I attempted to run a single demo of Dungeons and Dragons, which was to be followed by an official demo of the game shadowrun, made by FASA corporation, for whom I do not work but for whom I occasionally run demos which are pre-planned in coordination with the head of their demo rep team. This demo was also advertised

       through the Northgate wizards of the coast game store with the approval, I assume, of their staff manager. since attempts by the first shopping mall ever opened in america to prevent the playing of the first roleplaying game ever made constitute a serious threat to people's civil liberties in general, I felt this a matter which should be brought up on the Linguist List, especially since roleplaying games are considered, in my ethnographic and sociolinguistic research, which follows forwards on a paper written for Alicia Wassink Beckford's Sociolinguistics class to be 'speech events' which take place inside of larger 'speech communities'. Attempts to prevent a roleplaying game from occuring in a public area, such as a food court, is thus an attempt by the Northgate Mall staff to create a prohibitive environment in which certain 'speech events' are clamped down upon due to a claim made by them that 1st amendment rights do not apply inside of corporately owned and controlled spaces. This, in my view, effects everybody's ability to say what they want or express themselves in public in ways which do not disturb other patrons in shopping malls or other corporately owned areas in America, and that is why the message was sent to the Linguist List and why I am asking that it be posted ASAP.

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