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Re: More anthro-beers

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  • George Thomas
    Having once attempted to work out a career in archaeology, I obviously have an interest in these kinds of things. Archaeologists have spent valuable hours
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2010
      Having once attempted to work out a career in archaeology, I obviously have "an interest in these kinds of things." Archaeologists have spent valuable hours researching typological changes in pop-top technology and highly-diagnostic "pull-tab horizons," so anyone who appreciates the value of such research must automatically be a sucker for this.  In any case, many historical site artifact inventories were mostly a crock....
      I actually looked up Fat Bastard, Dirty Bastard and Arrogant Bastard, finding that they aren't concocted by the same company.  I smell lawsuits and happy barristers close by.  We may see replays of the old Anheuser-Busch dust-up over the original "Budweiser" from the Czech Republic.  The "settlement" (of which I can only remark that Czech Budvar is the one of those two that contains any oomph, and any contents at all that might "settle") left us with US marketing restrictions limiting the brand naming to "Czechvar", with no mention of "Budweiser" or even "Budvar" (My Czech is rusty).
      Our neighbors' treatment of hefty beers brewed by "the other" leaves a weak, fizzy taste in my mouth. 
      It's all on topic with anthro.  Not only must an archaeologist pass extensive tests to confirm sufficient hops components in the bloodwork, but whole topics are covered on food preferences, economic practice, and the differences between anthropological interpretations vs. those deriving from US varieties of English Common Law.
      Anyway, standard Googlification tells us that Arrogant Bastard is from a micro in California, while Dirty Bastard comes out of Chicago.  Speculations about shady connections to "alternative business concerns" and transnational influences on the underside of the prevailing mega-economy come to mind, but this is about beer, and I won't go there.
      And whatever happened to that archaeology dept somewhere in the SE where they had researched, produced and begun to market a passable ancient Egyptian beer?
      If we go back any farther in prehistory we might indeed find that there was once a "Rotten Bastard" brew.  That Stevenson, WA microfirm Walking Man Brewing is right on the money, as it were.  We'll drink to that.  Re. their "Homo Erectus" variety, I suggest they also consider that this means not only bipedal locomotion, but that opposable thumbs are required for one-handed navigation of krug to mouth.  I'll put Stevenson on my "to-go-to" list also.
      And there's MORE!  Someone in Austin, Tejas about a decade or so ago studied the distribution of archaeological sites recorded &/or excavated, comparing it to the locations of places where beer was served. You could find cold ones near the center of every cluster.
      more anthro-beers
          Posted by: "Bob Muckle" bmuckle@... canadianarchaeologist
          Date: Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:49 pm ((PDT))

      For those with an interest in these kinds of things, I have discovered some more anthro-beers.

      There is a small brewery in Washington State that goes by the name of Walking Man Brewing. As far as I can tell, they make 10 different kinds of brews. A few are clearly of interest, particularly for those of the palaeo persuasion.

      They have, for example, a "Biped Red".   

      Even better perhaps is the "Homo erectus" which the brewery claims is "brewed in celebration of being erect for two million years".

      The brewery has a couple of special batches of Homo erectus. One is "Big Phat Homo". The other is "My Old Kentucky Homo".

      This brewery is in a place called Stevenson Washington. There is a pub attached to the brewery. I have know idea where Stevenson is, but Washington State isn't too far from where I live. So,  it might be worth a field trip.



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