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FW: Archaeological problems in Lisbon? (fwd)

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    ... From: Hugh W. Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU] Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2000 9:31 PM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: Archaeological
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      FW: Archaeological problems in Lisbon? (fwd)

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      Subject: Archaeological problems in Lisbon? (fwd)

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      Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 00:11:52 +0000
      From: Vítor Oliveira Jorge <np61cc@...>
      Subject: Archaeological problems in Lisbon?

      Declaracao da direccao da ADECAP
      Associacao para o Desenvolvimento da Cooperacao em Arqueologia Peninsular

      Statement of ADECAP' s direction
      Association for the Improvement of Cooperation in Iberian Archaeology

      e-mail adress: vojsoj@...

      Vemos com preocupacao o desenvolvimento de uma situacao que pode ameacar o
      estudo serio e a preservacao de uma parte significativa do patrimonio
      historico de uma cidade como Lisboa, capital do pais, cujas origens remontam
      a pre-historia, passando pelas épocas romana, muculmana, etc. - situacao
      noticiada hoje pelo jornal "Publico". Ver tambem www.cnc.pt - sos
      Seg. especialistas, obras em curso no centro podem tambem ameacar o
      equilibrio do proprio substrato em que assentam edificios historicos.
      Esta noticia nao e obviamente difundida com o objectivo de provocar alertas
      ou sensacionalismos - apenas de lembrar que em Portugal existe uma opiniao
      atenta ao que se passa relativamente ao patrimonio colectivo.
      Vitor Oliveira Jorge
      Prof. da Univ. do Porto

      The situation reported today by the newspaper "Publico" (see also www.cnc.pt
      - sos patrimonio) in Lisbon , capital of Portugal, seems to be a matter for
      concern - important archaeological remains for the study of the remote
      origins of the occupation and evolution of today's city center seem to be in
      Lisbon is one of the beautiful cities of Europe - we want to keep it nice,
      confortable, and with a memory.
      According to specialists, the works which are being carried on may
      eventually afect the equilibrium of a certain number of buildings of the
      historical centre.
      We obviouly dont produce this statement with the intention to alert or to
      provoke a sensationalist effect, but to remember those who will read this
      that in Portugal there is a coherent public opinion which is attentive to
      our common heritage.
      Vitor Oliveira Jorge
      Prof. - Univ. of Porto

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