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FW: Call For Papers

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      FW: Call For Papers

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      From: Anja Muley [mailto:muley@...-mannheim.de]
      Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 11:39 AM
      To: ANTHRO-L@...
      Subject: Call For Papers

      Universitaet Mannheim
      ABWL und Organisation
      Ostflügel O52/O53
      D-68131 Mannheim
      Dipl.Kffr./Dipl.Rom. Anja Muley

      Universitaet Mannheim
      Romanistik II / Linguistik
      D-68131 Mannheim
      Dr. Andreas Mueller


                                          CALL FOR PAPERS


                                  UNIVERSITY OF MANNHEIM

                                              March 29-31, 2001

      The Departments of Business Administration and Organizational Behavior
      (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Alfred Kieser), and Romance Languages - Linguistics
      (Prof. Dr. Christine Bierbach), take great pleasure in extending to you the
      invitation to attend the 1st International, Interdisciplinary Symposium on
      the Communication in Organizations, to be held at the University of
      Mannheim, Germany, from the 29 to 31 of March, 2001.

      Over the last two or three decades, the communication within organizations
      has been an ever increasing topic of interest, due to the fast qualitative
      changes taking place within organizational 'worlds'. Whole series of
      scientific disciplines (economics, organization theory, administration,
      sociology, sociolinguistics, anthropology) have sought new concepts or
      rediscovered older ones to serve as descriptions of communicative and
      interactive processes within organizations, when faced with this all new
      development. Within such discussions, special attention is paid to the
      symbolic significance of the concrete (verbal) behavior and the
      corresponding interpretations made by the organizational agents. Some of the
      questions raised have not yet been completely answered, for example: how do
      organizations influence communication; how do employees constitute
      organizational reality through the use of communication; what roles do
      metaphors and stories play in organizations; and, what role do power and
      dominance play in management systems that are said to be participatory?
      Another series of questions are to be considered in interdisciplinary
      research, such as: What is the association between organizational
      macrostructures and interactive microstructures in organizational and
      sociolinguistic theory and methodology; and, which concepts are adequate
      enough to explain the complex association between sociocultural contexts and
      interactive behavior?

      The Departments of Business Administration and Organizational Behavior, and
      Romance Languages - Linguistics here at the University of Mannheim have been
      working together very intensively in the fields of research and teaching
      over the last years. Their goal has been to study the interaction between
      communication and organization from an economic and a sociolinguistic, as
      well as an anthropological linguistic, standpoint. Both departments have
      pursued the common goal of creating an interdisciplinary point of view on
      the aforementioned subject. Their cooperation has not only resulted in an
      increased level of communication between the departments of economics and
      linguistics, but has also led to the development of interdisciplinary
      lectures. In order that the benefits of such an interdisciplinary discussion
      may be made much more accessible to a broader scientific audience, we would
      like to establish a dialog by organizing this conference and discussing
      together the topic of Communication within Organizations from a number of
      points of view, such as business management, sociology, linguistics, and
      anthropology amongst others.

      We are proud to announce that among our guest list of speakers are:
      Christine Bierbach/Andreas Müller from the University of Mannheim, D
      Anni Borzeix from the Ecole polytechnique, F
      Norman Fairclough from Lancaster University, UK
      Sandra Harris from Nottingham Trent University, UK
      Christian Heath from King´s College London, UK
      Alfred Kieser from the University of Mannheim, D
      John Sillince from the University of London, UK

      We would like to encourage scholars from all related disciplines to send us
      abstracts for suggested presentations on the aforementioned topic,
      consisting of 300 words, in English and unformated, which should be sent no
      later than the First of October, 2000. All abstracts should be addressed as
      Word attachments to the email address of one of the organizers mentioned at
      the top or on disk to the University of Mannheim (see also above for

      Around the middle of October we will inform you about our decision on which
      issues presented would be of most interest for our conference. The writers
      of those abstracts will be requested to give a presentation of approx. 30
      minutes on their issues to be followed by a discussion. All speakers will be
      asked to bring their presentation in written form (one printed version in
      Word and on disc, no longer than 12 pages or 24 000 characters) along to the
      conference. We are currently looking for a suitable publisher.

      The conference will be held in English. A detailed program will be sent to
      you in due course.


      The conference will start at 1 pm on Thursday the 29 of March and end the
      following Saturday afternoon on the 31 of March. Registration starts
      Thursday morning from 9 am until 1 pm.

      The activities will take place in the university facilities of Mannheim's
      baroque castle. The castle is located near Mannheim's main railway station,
      which is well connected to Frankfurt International airport.  In addition,
      the University can be easily reached by car. Mannheim hosts a number of
      hotels within walking distance of the conference. Attached to this email you
      will find a form where you can express your wish for a hotel reservation.
      The hotel must be paid upon arrival and a reservation is mandatory. We have
      already reserved a number of rooms for the reduced price of 90 DM, however
      the number of rooms to be offered are limited.

      The conference fee is 100 DM including beverages, a booklet of the abstracts
      of the presentations and the proceedings. On Friday evening we have planned
      a banquet. The supplementary costs for participation in the banquet amounts
      to 40 DM. Those who would like to take part are requested to indicate so in
      the form attached below.

      For registration please fill out the form attached below and return it to
      one of the two email-addresses mentioned above.

      We would like to urge you to please pass this Call for Papers on to anyone
      who you believe might be interested in participating!


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