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FW: New (European) Archaeological Titles (fwd)

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      FW: New (European) Archaeological Titles (fwd)

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      Subject: New (European) Archaeological Titles (fwd)

      FYI, all. Details below.  Hugh

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      Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 00:12:47 +0200
      From: Lyudmil Vagalinski <lvagalin@...-link.com>
      Subject: New Archaeological Titles


      some new archaeological titles follow:

      ISBN 954-90387-3-4
      Author: Mrs. Alexandra Dimitrova-Milceva Ph.D.
      Publication date: June 2000.
      Price: USD 21,00 incl. postage (surface)
      Annotation: The first general research on Roman import pottery in province
      Moesia inferior.
      20 x 28 cm, paper back, 120 pp incl. 6 ills., 8 tables and 30 plates.

      ISBN 954615072-X
      Author: Mrs. Malvina Rousseva Ph.D.
      Publication date: May 2000
      Price: USD 29,00 incl. postage (surface)
      Annotation: This is the first publication of its kind written by an
      architect. The author works as an expert at the Ministry of Culture at
      22,5 x 29,5 cm; hard cover; bilingual - English and Bulgarian; 201 pp, incl.
      22 colour and 88 black and white ills.

      ISSN 1310-9537
      Editor-in-Chief: Mr. Lyudmil F. Vagalinski Ph.D., Sofia, Bulgaria.
      Language Editors: Mrs. Diana Gilliland Wright Ph.D. (English), Washington,
      USA; Mr. Sven Conrad Ph.D. (German), Frankfurt a/M, Germany; Mr. Jean-Luc
      Guadelli Ph.D. (French), Bordeaux, France.
      Publication date: 11th issue (IV 2000 2) will be struck off in July. Its

      Menkova, M.: Time and Space in Ezero Culture Interrelations: the Early
      Bronze Age

      Preschlenov, Chr.: Die antike Stadt an der bulgarischen Schwarzmeerkueste
      (Ende 7. Jh.v.Chr.-Anfang 7.Jh.n.Chr.)

      Youroukova, I.: Contribution to Odessus Coinage - a New Medallion from the
      Age of Gordian III (238-244)

      Voelling, Th.(D): Befestige villae rusticae oder militaerische
      Kleinkastelle? Anmerkungen zu drei Fundplaetzen in bulgarischen Binnenland

      Popova, Tzv./Marinova, E.: Archaeobotanical and Anthracological Analisys of
      the Roman and Early Byzantine Castle Abritus in NE Bulgaria: Some
      Palaeoethnobotanical and Environmental Aspects

      Magomedov, B.(UA): The Tradition of Ritual Feasts as a Part of Burial
      Customs in Chernyakhov-Sintana Culture

      Dintchev. V.: The Definitions of Urban Area in the Late Antique Dioceses of
      Thracia and Dacia: the Overestimated Centers

      Kouzov, Chr.: A Find of Medieval Iron Objects from a Fortress near the
      Village of Dolishte, Varna District (Bulgarian Black Sea Coast)

      Boteva, D: Lower Moesia and Thrace in the Roman Imperial System (AD
      193-217/218). Sofia 1997. (Ferjancic, Sn., YU)

      Bikic, V.: Medieval Pottery from Belgrade. Belgrade 1994 (Borisov, B.)

      Price: Annual subscription price payable in advance till December 31st: USD
      Annual price for back issues: USD 59
      Single fascicles (current and back numbers): USD 21
      All prices include postage (surface)
      Annotation: Archaeologia Bulgarica is the ONLY Bulgarian archaeological
      journal in a foreign language - English (mostly), German and French. It is a
      four-month journal (thrice a year; 20 x 28 cm, various colored paper back,
      ca. 100 pp and 80 ill. per a number), which presents a publishing forum for
      research in archaeology in the widest sense of the world. There are no
      restrictions for time and territory but Southeastern Europe (the Balkans) is
      the accent.


      Lyudmil Vagalinski PhD
      archaeologist & publisher
      Fax/Tel: +359 2/659 688

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