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FW: SACC and the AAA Guide

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      Subject: SACC and the AAA Guide
      Importance: High

      Dear SACC Board Members-
      The AAA Guide is now open for the 2010-11 year. I NEED YOUR HELP getting the work out to your colleagues. As a reminder, community colleges do not pay for their listing! I tried to post this to the SACC listserv, but was unable to do so this morning. Would you please circulate the following message to individuals teaching in community colleges. Plese let me know if you have questions or concerns. I will be happy to assist you!
      Thanks in advance.


      We Need Your Help!

      On behalf of the American Anthropological Association, I am pleased to extend a SPECIAL offer to community college anthropology programs to partner with other anthropology-based programs from around the world and list in the AAA Guide and E-Guide. We are pleased to invite community college anthropology programs to list information in the 20010-11 AAA Guide at no cost. Community colleges that choose the "no cost" option will have their entire listing available on-line, and all pertinent contact information for the institution will be available in the print version 20010-11 AAA Guide.

      As a member of the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC), I request your assistance in helping us get information out to your colleagues about this special opportunity!

      The AAA Guide is the most comprehensive and highly used reference source in anthropology, providing information about your department or program to a wide audience. This resource is used by agencies and researchers to identify anthropologists with particular backgrounds and competence, by professionals seeking to locate colleagues, and by students to select schools.

      Benefits of Listing

      Users have indicated that the AAA Guide is the single most useful source for gathering information on the anthropological community. The Guide provides important detailed information about departments, organizations and the discipline, including:

      * Organization contact information including e-mail and web site information
      * Individuals' degrees, ranks and fields of specialization
      * Degrees offered and degree requirements
      * Special collections, exhibits and programs
      * Resources, facilities and graduate support available
      * Recent doctoral dissertations in anthropology
      * Field school information

      The cost of listing in the AAA Guide is usually determined by the amount of information provided. How-ever, community college programs may choose the "no cost option." Please note that the "no cost option" is available ONLY to community college programs. Anyone who wishes for their entire listing to appear in the print-version of the Guide, will need to pay the normal charges. The regular cost of listing in the AAA Guide is $0.132 per character, not including spaces. However, only community colleges had the opportunity of listing for FREE!

      You may contact us via email at Guide@...<http://webaccess.aaanet.org/cgi-bin/GW5/GWWEB.EXE?MSG-ACTION=READ-ATTACH&ATTACH-ID=3&MSG-DRN=25276z1z10477&MORE=25&CONTEXT=frjuMortepIu&FOLDER-DRN=10477&FOLDER-EXT=Guide&ECHO=OPEN=INBOX&MSG-COUNT=26&LIST=986474801&FIRST-DRN=&ATTACH-COUNT=12&NAM%20> or call 571-483-1181 with any questions, and/or for a username and password that will allow you to complete the forms on-line at www.aaanet.org<http://www.aaanet.org/>

      Keep in mind that there is a May 31st deadline.

      Kathleen Terry-Sharp
      Director, Academic Relations
      Director, Practicing and Applied Programs
      American Anthropological Association
      2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600
      Arlington, VA 22201
      Tel: (703) 528-1902 ext 1180, Fax: (703) 528-3546
      web: www.aaanet.org<http://www.aaanet.org/>
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