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FW: New Book in Albanian Anthropology (fwd)

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      FW: New Book in Albanian Anthropology (fwd)

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      From: Hugh W. Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@...]
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      Subject: New Book in Albanian Anthropology (fwd)

      Forwarded by request. Details below. Hugh

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      Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 16:05:07 CEST
      From: Publications Harmattan <harmat71@...>
      Subject: New Book in Albanian Anthropology

      The leader French publisher in humanities and social sciences L'Harmattan is
      pleased to announce a new book in Albanian Anthropology:

      Albert Doja,
      NaƮtre et grandir chez les Albanais : la construction culturelle de la
      personne. - Paris : L'Harmattan : 2000. - 322 p. 24 cm. Bibliogr. p.
      301-317. Index. - ISBN 2-7384-8879-X

      The aim of this book is a cultural anthropological analysis of collective
      representations and symbolic practices among Albanians related to childhood.
      From a social anthropological point of view, the author tries to highlight
      the process of identity construction and socialisation concluding that
      social and cultural identity diversities are dependent largely on
      non-institutionalised educational processes.

      With a markedly attempt to open to the comparative considerations of other
      cultures, European and others, this book also tries to be the illustration
      of a fact of general impact in anthropological theory. The needs and demands
      of representing by a symbolic approach and of organising ritually the
      natural process of birth as well as the cultural process of socialisation
      are inherent in all human societies. Towards these events on which depend
      the continuity of the community, important moments when the social
      organisation meets the individual existence, all societies have elaborated
      numerous and various collective representations and symbolic forms. Notably,
      these understandings allow to review the whole of anthropological
      perspectives, going through the refusal of considering separately
      infrastructure and superstructure, inheritance and heredity, tradition and
      innovation, society and individual.

      1. Fertility reveries
              Household and family relations
              The elementary symbolism
              Psychosocial mythology and heroic patterns
              The dogma of impregnation
      2. Symbolic behaviour
              The crisis of impurity
              Reconsidering couvade
              Empirical intuitions of collective wisdom
              Purification and incorporation
              Symbolic connections
      3. The mythology of destiny
              The unusual marker
              Symbolic ambivalence
      4. The symbolism of the name
              Collective imagination of the "double" and incarnation
              Sense and signification
              Patronymic inscription and founding mythologies
      5. The development of body
              Feeding and bringing up
              Weaning and the voice of speech
              The way to humanity
              Haircut and circumcision
              The social destiny of individual
      6. The socialising enchantment
              Lyrics definition
              Melodic poetic interaction
              Interactive communication
              Semantic and functional area

      To order:
      Publications L'Harmattan
      7 rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique
      75005 Paris, France


      A review copy may be obtained from:
      Ms Virginie Guy Colomby
      Service de Presse
      Publications L'Harmattan
      Phone: +33 (0) 140-467-922
      Fax: +33 (0) 143-258-203

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